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Wholesome as fuck 💜

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With the terms of service for their “anti spam” and “productivity auto-sorting” features, they must gather SO much data about people by reading their emails - there’s no way they’d turn that off lol

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Gold rush you say?

Shovels for sale!

Get your shovels here! Can’t strike it rich without a shovel!

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lol, funny thing is that this isn’t really a story about ice cream machines - anyone who’s seen melted mcds ice cream foam knows that ain’t ice cream.

The frozen foam machines were intentionally hard to fix but someone figured it out and made a solution. Mcd was making money off fleecing franchise owners by having their company be the only ones who could fix it, so it looks like they did shady stuff to keep the grift going. For the ice foam. 🍦

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Dozens of us! Dozens!

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Lmao one of the discords I’m in sent out a warning ahead of it to “turn off any second secret phones you have”

I might be part of some sketchy discord servers lol, warning people to turn off their cheating or crime phones 🤣

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On touch centric UIs, it makes me absolutely insane when people have a button or something I might want to tap below a thing that has to be loaded and can be variable size, so I go for the button that does what I want and between my decision to touch it and my finger moving, the thing loads and I tap it instead.

Fuckin stop it. Make the thing that loads a static size or put the button above it. If your buttons jump all over the page after you initially display them, I hate you.

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I hereby announce that I don’t have enough money, and I want more.

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I, for one, am never voting for Hunter Biden again.

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They don’t even fold

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Is tragic accident. Sometimes airplane explode in sky, such is life in Russia.

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Quality shitpost, I enjoyed

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