No Boilerplate NixOS video (www.youtube.com)
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Thank you Ategon and all the other admins for the work you are doing to make this place great.

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In this regard, AI-generated code resembles an itinerant contributor, prone to violate the DRY-ness [don't repeat yourself] of the repos visited.

So I guess previously people might first look inside their repo's for examples of code they want to make, if they find and example they might import it instead of copy and pasting.

When using LLM generated code they (and the LLM) won't be checking their repo for existing code so it ends up being a copy pasta soup.

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Yep, Patagonia have a repair it for life guarantee.

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Doc martens are not so great quality now. The general consensus is that Solovair are the spiritual successor (in terms of quality) to what Dr Martens were. This video has more info: https://youtu.be/vkhCcvfVHRs?si=21bH9fSvkNgmjwm1

For laptops O would recommend framework laptops. The idea is that they have upgradable and repairable.modules. You can follow them on mastodon too: @frameworkcomputer@fosstodon.org And we have a Lemmy community too: !framework@lemmy.ml

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Don't go shopping when hungry.

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You could also consider: https://helix-editor.com/

It does more than vim out if the box and it has similar but different key bindings. The key bindings are more intuitive and easier to learn in my opinion.

It is missing a few features still (e.g.plugins) but I have been using helix for a while and it is really fun.

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Discourse and Lemmy are both based around topics/communities so hopefully there will be better federation here. E.g. being able to follow a discourse topic from lemmy would be really cool.

Hopefully they have done this in a way where Lemmy can federate with then easily.

To catch a catfish (www.newstatesman.com)
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Have you set android autofill framework to use bitwarden?

Fairphone 5 launch event (www.youtube.com)
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Previous products took much longer for batches to sell out. Even the AMD framework 13 laptops didn't sell this fast and they were the #1 thing the community had been asking for for about a year.

We (sadly) can't tell how many units are in a batch. But we can tell that demand is far exceeding their expectations.

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Yep its really impressive for such an early project.

Having said that I can't work out how to edit comments/posts I have made.

It would also be nice to have a preview of your comment too.

Hopefully they add that at some point.

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How about posting pictures of Lemmy from motorhead as a pirate?

On topic for piracy and a link to the new home for the community.

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Oh captain my captain!

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