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Got some source on that?

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We had a project once called Asset Analytics which the steering team decided to shorten to AssAnal. It lasted a couple of months until it was changed to metrics

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You learn a lot being an active participant in parenting children.

There's the issue, like with most of his ventures, Elon outsources all the actual work.

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After the latest interview where he told advertisers that pulled off twitter to go fuck themselves, yeah, very plausible.

To think that at some point I admired him... oh well, we all make mistakes

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A fire, at Sea Parks?

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For the ones wanting to get into One Piece but are discouraged by the episode count there's a project called "One Pace" that heavily edits the episodes in order to have a faster pace.

I have a friend that wanted to watch but never had the will to start. After watching the Netflix show he got inspiration to start and when searching where to watch he came across this project. Its not perfect since there are some arcs not covered but it does a very good job trimming down the anime antics and focusing on the core.

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Most recent RPG game from Bethesda. This studio got very famous for their Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, hence the widespread hype.

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Rick & Morty.

Watched the first season but I just can't get past how awful Rick is. All the constant burping and how much of an asshole he his really puts me off the whole thing.

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Super simplified version: the office buildings are losing value due to low occupation. Owners of those buildings lose money if the value goes down. Those owners do not want that.

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Fake or not, it was great to read a nice story.

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Worst part is that they will not deliver on their ludicrous promises because they are only meant to bedazzle people and pump up stock prices.

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