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Phones have stopped getting thinner like 10 years ago

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I think I need subtitles for his handwriting

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I’ve been a heavy Telegram user since around 2016. I’d say the main thing I love about it is their focus on user experience. Everything is always super fast, looks nice and feels smooth. They’re often pushing new features which is always cool to see.

Plus their iOS/macOS apps look native and aren’t web-based, so it’s a great replacement for iMessage.

At this point I’ve converted my whole family and friends and they all love it too!

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Even in Europe, they’re not really popular. Plus Renault decided they won’t be making a next generation Twingo (which shares its platform with the current Smart car).

Always thought this was a really weird decision since it’s an extremely popular car here in France, but apparently it doesn’t make them enough money.

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Really excited for this! Hope they learned their lesson this time and aren’t gonna over promise.

Even though it looks really polished already considering it’s all in game footage, I hope they’ll give it a few more years before it comes out.

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I think I’d rather listen to some custom AI generated music than the same royalty free music over and over again.

In both cases they’re just meant to be used in videos and stuff like that, you’re not supposed to actually listen to them.

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Google being Google, I’ll believe it when I’ll see it.

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I’m annoyed by all those Facebook-type boomer comics you see on basically all meme subs. Reddit culture managed to get rid of them, but for some reason people here seem to love them

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Yeah, I feel like it’s one of the best current logos. It’s simplified but not oversimplified and it looks really good.

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I started with subscriptions and now I like both methods, they’re complementary. The algorithm is really good at suggesting either random stuff I like or new stuff I might like. And I subscribe for stuff I know I’ll want to watch no matter what. Works pretty well!

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Most times I find that these projects are either old or badly made (often both). If you’re inspired and you feel like you can make them better, then go for it.

An artist isn’t going to refrain from painting a portrait of a dog if other artists have already painted dog portraits, so why should you?

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Definitely, oftentimes open source projects don’t make it easy for themselves

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