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what a novel concept.

A game with a great story will be boosted by amazing graphics. (RDR2, Cyberpunk).

Great stories will sell well, and sell well for a long time (Mass Effect, Dragon Age)

Great graphics will not be able to make up for a lackluster story (Pick any ubisoft game at random)

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I agree, he made his bigger partner look bad. Even if sony didn't force this (which I'd be surprised about), their own board probably did. "Oh you just pissed off our biggest partner, that doesn't seem great for business"

ah but an important distinction. The servers aren't going out and asking for data from other servers. Federation means instances push data to listening servers. It doesn't sound like much but it's an important difference when we're talking about it. So for me, I view that as a whole different thing, because by pushing data you're saying "I don't care who is listening, I'm sending it anyway". If it were a pull model then it would be like what you are saying "Hey, I only give you access to this on my terms". By pushing, you remove your server and it's rules completely.

and that's why I keep going back to my imaginary court. If you're trying to tell a judge that "They shouldn't have used it to train AI/write a book on, I didn't want them to do that" the obvious next question is "Well, why did you give it to them then?" They didn't take it from you, you gave it to them.

Movies though have a license that you accept, and it comes encrypted. License is on the box that you are allowed to watch it at home, with so many people, on approved devices. By buying it you are accepting the license. Even modern day blurays have a license, and they can actually revoke the license (by pulling the encryption keys). If you don't approve of that license, you simply don't buy it. (However people get around it and as you said it's unenforceable).

Whereas Lemmy and fediverse you're giving your stuff out license free to anyone, and any other server can have their own terms. Such as "By giving me your data you are giving it to me license free, and remove yourself of all ownership." Unless it's specifically defederated, well there's no way of you knowing and so you give your data. What does a judge say in that case? You said not to use it, but you put it on a server that said they can use it however they want.

I agree with you mostly, just pointing out the slight differences on how movies and studios get around that little hurdle of "ownership". (i.e., we don't own it)

We keep 10,000 chickens in a single huge building whose floor is literally layers of their old shit, give them just enough room to stand there and not move around, and leave it there without any environmental controls through the hottest days of the year. What do you mean disease is prevalent?

My mother wanted to give me a 2x2x1 foot bug zapper. I live in a small townhouse, only a few feet of outdoor space. What we do have is taken up with native plants trying alto attract bees and insects due to the shocking drop in them. We also live in a climate that does not have mosquitoes or annoying bugs really. In the 8 years I've lived here we have had one fly come into our home, we've never complained about bugs once, and we've constantly talked about how little space we have.

I returned it.

I would argue that yes, you're posting publicly on a public forum, whose contents are shotgunned out to any listening servers/apis/whoever.

If this were in a courtroom, I'd expect the defense to say that the poster chose to post it on a public forum which was then shared with whoever was listening, that there was no way to expect it to remain private, and there is could be no assumption of privacy with the way it was shared.

For enforcement, there is no way to enforce any sort of licensing with the fediverse model, you handed your post to me, if you didn't want your post handled in a certain way then the response is "Why did you hand it out in the first place?". If someone did make your post into a book, then it's on you, the poster, to make the case that what they did was wrong, and I think it's enough of a grey area here to say that they were simply listening. To flip it around, what if their server has posted terms saying "Anything you give to us will be used for training and publishing." You sent it out to anyone listening, they posted their terms, who is right then?

This is different from normal social media where you posted to a walled garden, where you're bound by just their terms. Now any server can have any rules or terms, and we're blasting our data out to all of them (unless they are explicitly defederated)

Only Netflix could take a series as popular as Witcher with just mountains of cash waiting to be grabbed and just lose it all.

Game of thrones is the only one who did a better job at ruining a franchise but this honestly comes damn close

I don't think it exists at all on the fediverse. I've talked about it before, not a lawyer, but from a technical standpoint I don't know how anyone can claim copyright.

All fediverse apps start on your instance, you write a post. Great, maybe there's a disclaimer there. But then it's shotgunned out to literally anyone or anything that's listening. Other instances, governments, corporate, whatever. You're literally giving it to anyone who would listen.

So to me copyright is like saying "only people I approve of can look at this sign" and then posting that sign on every tree and post in town

I ditched soda a few years back and I'm glad I did. I had really bad headaches but after cutting soda they have more or less gone away.

I drink la Croix and sparkling water. People make fun of it for no flavor, but I say back to them no, your taste buds are shot because you drink fizzy syrup so anything less than pure sugar tastes like nothing

I stopped going to corporate fast food and my life got easier. If you are a hungry person like me, a couple of mental rules I set up.

If I actually want to eat out, I need to be motivated enough to go out and get it myself. (No more doordash/grubhub/uber/ anything).

If I'm willing to spend my hard earned money, I will only spend it on good, local food. No more McDs, I go to my local burger joint now. No more dominos, I go to the sticky tabled pizza joint.

If neither of those sound good, then I'm not actually hungry enough.

This from the "AAAA" studios

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Interesting problem here. So I self host jellyfin, happy to share my (owned) movies with my family. Well, my mother has asked me to digitize her collection too and have me host it. Originally, fine, you give your movies to me, I host them, same thing.

However, what I didn't bet on was the amount of garbage, terrible movies she would give me. There's a few that are fine, but the vast majority are, well I'll just put it bluntly, christian propaganda. I don't think any of them are as terrible as some of the worst case, but think "My life was horrible until I found god now look and see how fulfilled I am" type propaganda - and they make for horrible plots. Left Behind with Kirk Cameron is a good example. Even removing the blatent boring christian plots - it's just a horribly made movie. Cheap, not thought out well, and honestly I read the book decades ago, it's a horrible adaptation too.

Not that I keep only top tier movies in my libraries, but these are, well they just bring a pit to my stomach.

What would you do in my situation? (And I'm going to go ahead and say the pure atheist comments aren't needed, yes of course I could burn them, or dance around them, but I'm not looking to just burn the bridge between my mother and myself over a lifetime of her indoctrination and bad taste in movies). I'm more looking for generic, how do you handle your users asking you to put content you don't find appealing on your server?


Hey folks, I've been training Loras now for a while, and have some scripts I really like that I've been working with. However, I realized I haven't been keeping up lately, so, is SDXL still the best for Loras? And by that I mean before with 1.5 and standard SDXL is the most accurate quality I've received.

My Loras seem to work fine with Lightning and Turbo models, but is there anything else I should look into? Any major things that you've changed in the last 6 months to your trainings? Is sdxl_base the best basemodel to train off of?

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Paradox Mods BETA is now available! (mods.paradoxplaza.com)
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One of my favorites, just remembered it, and this article is from the AU's perspective.

I like that they have to explain it to Aussies because they don't understand why there would be a need for massive parking lots.

Not all US cities have reliable or widespread public transport networks, so it's likely that a similar number of Americans drive to and from concerts. As such, most stadiums in the US are surrounded by vast parking lots to accommodate all the vehicles - but not in Australia.

The elves began it (poptalk.scrubbles.tech)
How I feel every time checking the box (poptalk.scrubbles.tech)

Wife said to me this morning "Running Windows games like that seems unnatural" So of course immediately generated this meme.

Is rpi still the single board go-to? (poptalk.scrubbles.tech)

Hey all, I'm looking to build a couple dashboards out around my house. I've done this before with rokchip boards and they are... fine, but not great. Is rpi the best option right now? Are there alternatives you really like? I'd like to keep it a single board to easily mount behind things where it doesn't take up a lot of space, and I won't lie I like the DIY feeling of it over something like a thin client.

So Meta is doing great. (poptalk.scrubbles.tech)
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Image Caption: Screenshot of an email from Meta with a subject of "Important Notices coming to your account". The body of the email is blank.

Less annoying, more terrible QA processes over at Meta.

Checked the source of the email and says they're deactivating my account because I never made it a meta account. Oh no.

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