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Wait, does it not stand for “behind the scenes” wrt the K-pop group?

I thought it stood for Boppan Tangnam Style.

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Someone archived all the quotes on the Internet Archive.

Phew. Otherwise we'd need to share all the quotes by mouth around a hobo campfire.
I've read Fahrenheit 451 so i noe.

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And then I remember.

Can you share with the rest of the class?

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Ian's Shoelace Site:
Different ways to lace your shoes.

The Phrontistery:
Glossaries of, e.g., obscure words, lost words, etc.

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but they are now ignoring me.

Hmm. Did you try giving them your email address?

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What the heck is a camera shoe?

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he installed “accountability software” called Covenant Eyes on his devices in order to abstain from internet porn

Covenant Eyes sounds like some Handmaid's Tale shit.

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Not proceeding for now.

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They gonna release an ad-supported version to turn you into a walking billboard?

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Basile says he’s also spent his free time studying AI tools, and he keeps tweaking his resume, cutting it from 10 pages to two, then beefing it up to 24.

Maybe he should start by dropping that tome of a resume.

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I still don’t understand.

You might be a dog.

Diplomatic Immunity (media.kbin.social)
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The fact that these decisions are coming down from the ex-CEO of EA Games . . . .

This guy speedrunning the enshittification game. Oceangate needs to build another sub, stat.

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I'm in the process of deGoogling and also shoring up my email privacy, which means I'm hyper aware of mistakes I make, hence the stupid question:

I was testing something with Proton Mail and misspelled the domain—swapped the "r" with one of the neighboring letters.

I didn't get an email bounceback, which is fine, because you don't always get a bounceback anyway. But, should I be concerned that I might have just volunteered my email directly to some spam outfit?

The "wrong" domain is registered. I'm acutely aware that the misspelling being one letter away from "Proton" might be intentional to capture misspellings like the one I made. Also, the wrong domain seems to be associated with oopatet.com and trellian.com, which are blocked by ublock.

Is there anything I should do from a privacy perspective?
Or is this a non-issue?

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