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That was actually one of the first games I broke out on the Steam Deck, after sleeping on the game for years. It’s perfect for that system and just a great little game.

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Maybe not that phrasing, but there is the phrase, “You’ll find someone”. There’s the belief that there’s somebody for everybody out there, parents eventually seem to want their kids to find someone and make grandkids. I mean, given that there’s billions of us on the planet, there’s bound to be somebody compatible out there, maybe not in your zip code or country, but they’re out there.

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“By god, it’s Israeli academics with a steel chair!”

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I did a test of Gemini before, trying to see how it would react to a similar prompt about different world leaders. It was something like, “Write a story about X making friends with a puppy at a pet store.” It refused to follow the prompt for Hitler because it said we shouldn’t trivialize/normalize evil people in casual situations like that. For current world leaders it refused to do them and just told me to do a Google search on them.

Most curious of all though, was Queen Elizabeth, it refused to write anything for her because it said that’s not likely a situation the Queen would find herself in and she wasn’t a dog lover. I told it to get its facts straight, she owned 30 dogs, to which it replied, “You’re correct, I got that wrong, here you go:” and gave me the prompt.

So if i had made a convincing enough “Hitler did nothing wrong” argument about Hitler, could I have gotten that prompt too? Do we just have to argue with AI to get it to do anything? It feels very much like AI is going to turn out like Star Wars AI with these annoying, weird-ass personality quirks we’ll have to deal with to get anything done.

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Oh wow, you mean Pynchon wrote other novels?

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Ahhh yes, I see, because they’re still in the process of committing it. We can’t actually say they’ve committed genocide until they’re done (when it’s too late to do anything about it).

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We do seem to be heading into a new dark age brought on by Trump, so I guess it fits.

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Save points


Whether it's a sense of superiority or just to be funny or asinine or out of a genuine need to spread the truth, people online generally try to be contrarian as often as possible because it gives them some sort of personal gratification or a sense that they're correcting something wrong in the universe.

Jean Cubed (lemmy.world)
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Make Asia Mongolian Again

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Streamer Perrikaryal uses an electroencephalogram (EEG) device to play games

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Yet holding onto classified documents, then hiding them and lying about it to investigators for months gets nothing but a very stern finger-wagging?

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“sharpen our focus and improve the way we work together to bring more agility to our organization.”

Ahh yes, watching co-workers get laid off does wonders for improving the way you work together with the people still there.

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That is, have you ever started getting into a game, only to discover that the community is much deeper than you initially ever suspected?

My kids and I started playing PlateUp! for funsies, it's a 4-player co-op kitchen/cooking/restaurant simulator that has you doing fun things like cooking food, taking customers orders, and washing dishes. We kind of play it for laughs and barely make any headway in it, usually as a result of all the chaos that comes from multiple people trying to run a kitchen. I started looking deeper into it because apparently there's ways to automate your whole setup and have the whole kitchen run itself. The amount of diagrams and setups that people have created are just insane, way deeper than I ever even considered with this innocent-looking game and it's made me reconsider what I thought was just a quirky little party game.

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FACT: if you submerge a human in dihydrogen monoxide, they will die within minutes.

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Eugene Debs, a Socialist leader in the early 20th century, ran for President five times. His fifth and highest vote count came in the 1920 Presidential election, in which he was running while in Federal prison for sedition. He received about 3.4% of the vote at the time (which included women for the first time since the Nineteenth Amendment was passed in 1920 as well). Not naming names, but yes, it's possible to run for President while in prison, though results may vary.

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