[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 5 points 1 day ago

Also unless you can hyperfocus and literally exhaust yourself in those 8h, you can't do any type of white collar job for 8h a day. It's impossible to be mentally productive for that amount of time day in day out. Forget doing anything creative.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 37 points 6 days ago

Interesting. Do they point to arch repos or provide their own like Manjaro? I haven't thought about a rolling release atomic distro before.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 31 points 3 weeks ago

Oh, OP got me fooled, I thought this is original xkcd, well done on photoshop.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 31 points 1 month ago

Sony still salty about USSR dissolution

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 29 points 3 months ago

I'm getting a headache trying to understand this title.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 38 points 5 months ago

It makes a second hand mac viable for me. The hardware is nice, it was always the OS that made me avoid it.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 31 points 6 months ago

Disgraced police officer is redundant.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 34 points 7 months ago

Me: Use threads!
Single core CPU: Do I look like a loom to you?

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 25 points 7 months ago

How this has 131 votes and nobody seems to be surprised to learn ants FARM aphids. Excuse me, what?

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 36 points 8 months ago

It wont happen like in Day After Tomorrow.

The beaches will get shorter, the docks will get deeper, then some warehouse will get flooded along with some homeless camp.

Land prices will shift, people will move, it'll be a curiosity.

That island nation on the Pacific? Oh well.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 35 points 8 months ago

Any organisation that invests in physical hardware that requires cloud to work is bonkers. Those whiteboards don't need cloud. And google is too big to care for long term customer satisfaction.

[-] magikmw@lemm.ee 30 points 9 months ago

I took them off my list 13 years ago when I tasted the piss they call beer.

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