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Great. Extend the measure to all of the EU.

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Last year I've been punched by a policeman who then accused me of having pushed him against something unknown and having caused him a damage to the face worth 4 days. The prosecutor believed him and not me, archived my demand against him and went on with the trial of him against me. I'm psychologically disabled, I suffer from anxiety and depression and obsessive disorder and on September 27th 2024 I will be condemned for something I didn't do. This is ruining my life and there's nothing I can do about it cos I'm unable to withstand a trial, even considering they'll sway in my favor.

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Isn't it time to call the anti-monopoly?

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I'm so tired of Musk...Can we please shoot him into the immense vacuum of space aboard one of his precious Teslas?

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So if I'm a male I can fuck my female dog no problem cos it's not same sex. Good to know.

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They undercut the sales of European vehicles which cost more.

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As an old friend of mine once said "If he killed em the writers would have to invent new enemies continuously. With that excuse they can put them in the Asylum and reuse them for new stories whenever they want."

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Westworld. First season was perfect and it concluded perfectly fine.

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I'm white and I was punched by a cop in front of my house last year that then denounced me of hitting him, falsified a medical report, forced a courier to testify against me and of course has his partner who confirms everything he says. No matter the fact that I recorded with my phone him saying that he hit me (in self defense he says but in the report he wrote there's no mention of a self defense), asking if I had cameras (if not he could tell whatever he wanted), that he pushed me the prosecutor is accepting his version. So fuck the police. I'm disabled by the way.

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I used to make porn gifs.

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I switched to Mastodon yesterday.

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