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I don't care at all about the blue checkmark, but I wish I could write longer texts on Twitter and the edit feature.

I wouldn’t pay for that though.

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I mean, it's basically impossible not to be banned from this cafe.

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What an honor. Here I was thinking I was just their slave.

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author: Crystal Ro

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Author: https://www.instagram.com/kapitantambay

Thanks to @Balinares@pawb.social for finding the source.

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The correct way is to lie on your side, facing left. Because prevents gastric acid in esophagus.

edit for clarification: This method is efficient primarily when the lower esophageal sphincter (I had to Google the correct name) is not functioning as intended.

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I like how this guy explains the history of browser user agents and why they have this strange configuration today:


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Kytch, a startup, developed a device to fix McDonald's ice cream machines but faced opposition after a 2020 McDonald's email warning against its use, citing safety concerns. Kytch alleges this move, influenced by machine manufacturer Taylor, was to undermine them as a competitor. Recent litigation reveals an email from Taylor's CEO suggesting action against Kytch, which Kytch claims as evidence of a plot to sabotage their business.

Despite Taylor and McDonald's denials, Kytch continues legal action, asserting the email demonstrates a coordinated effort to eliminate competition.

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Yeah, my personalized content probably wasn't so personalized. Still, let's wait to see the results of other people here in this thread.

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This was the first thing that came to my mind. So I tried again, using a VPN (exit server in the USA) and an incognito window. That screenshot came from that result.

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I know exactly what I am doing. And I know I am doing it wrong.

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We've connected all the computers worldwide, enabled real-time communication between anyone on the globe, developed amazing applications that run online, millions using them simultaneously. Yet, we still struggle to send a file between devices that are right next to each other.

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