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I wonder if you applied inflation from the time that idiom was first popularized what the modern price would be.

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 15 points 2 days ago

MAAAN would be a much better acronym though

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 3 points 3 days ago

That's when you update your sig with your address and a link to a local delivery venue

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 4 points 4 days ago

Alternatively all 504 Gateway Timeout

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That joke was constant in the early 00s.

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 6 points 6 days ago

They probably have a bunch of 1 hour 'books' that mess with the average as shorter is cheaper to help pad out their numbers.

Looking at my personal library, the median length audiobook is The Last Wish at a tad over 10 hours. So it'd be equal to 1.5 books going by that, not the worst marketing exaggeration I've ever seen.

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I was reading an article on the new LG display with a refresh rate of 7680Hz and it says:

While a typical refresh rate for a monitor might be 60Hz-240Hz, an outdoor display designed to be viewed from a distance needs to be much higher

The idea that there's an intrinsic link between refresh rate and viewing distance is new to me and feels unintuitive. I can understand the need for high brighteness for far view distance. I also could understand refresh rate mattering for a non-persistent (CRT) display. But for an Led display surely you can see it far away even if it refreshes once a second?

Refresh rate normally needs to be high enough to avoid pixels "jumping" between refreshes on high resolution displays, so wouldn't higher view distances allow you to decrease the refresh rate?

Is the article just spouting bullshit? Or is there an actual link between refresh rate and view distance?

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Missing piece in the numbers here is how many people were uninstalling adguard to switch to uBlock? Using one extension's install stats to make conclusions about all adblocking extensions seems a bit much.

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It's for the "Fusion Drive." It was just used as a cache basically. You had a larger, slower drive behind it for capacity, this just held frequently accessed data.

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It's a "best before" date not an expiration date, it might still be good!

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Rings indicate a tree needs to lose weight?


This can also save you shoveling/plowing your driveway, simply drive over the accumulated snow at high speed. Make sure to avoid getting stuck however.

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Makes me kinda wish that when defederating you could select a one word label for why. Like a fixed list with several options like pedo, spam, harassment, abandoned, etc and a default of other. Make it a bit easier with a big list like this to say, oh 1000 of these 1400 all selected "racism" when defederating so it's probably very racist and I should also defederate. But if it's a lot of "other" or inconsistent reasons maybe I should spend a bit of time digging.

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From TV, movie, book, fanfic, audio drama, cuneiform tablet, or whatever.

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Ya from the title I expected OP to be complaining because they don't own a torx head screwdriver/bit.


It only takes 25k miles to circumnavigate the world. No passport required!


Before your first date go to an MMA dojo and insult anyone walking out so you have a cover for why you aren't like your profile.

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Don't forget!

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