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The simplest way, if you want high quality:

  1. Get a VPN (preferably one with port forwarding, like AirVPN)

  2. Get qBittorrent and set the listening port to that forwarded port from your VPN host

  3. Use the built-in search in qBit to find the stuff you want to watch

  4. Open it in VLC

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I got a little server from them a few weeks ago for $17/yr ($1.42/mo) and it's great. 1 core, 2 GB RAM, 35 GB storage.

I used rclone to mount a Backblaze bucket and transferred a couple services to it, including Immich.

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It's not a genetic difference, for one, it's a hormonal one.

What influences hormones?

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A 150 lb male will almost always out-perform a 150 lb female. The genetic differences are still vast even in the same weight category.

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Ventoy can do windows installations as well

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Based on that EKG, the fediverse is in some sort of v-tach and blood is not pumping efficiently enough to have a pulse

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I have a couple things set up:

The configuration:

  • DNS points to my IP
  • Nginx configured to point to Authentik for the metube subdomain
  • Authentik configured to point to the correct containers after authenticating

What I'm experiencing:
Upon initial login to Authentik, MeTube works correctly. Restarting or closing the browser causes MeTube to fail to connect to the server until I clear cookies and re-authenticate (see picture). Accessing MeTube by its port on the host IP works fine. All other services connect fine.

Does anyone know what is causing this?

Related note - I've seen MeTube do this before when the container wasn't even running. I think it has something to do with how much info the container caches in the browser or something.

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Well made adaptations can be mainstream.

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Debian running podman. Containers and compose files are managed with Dockge. qBit and Gluetun are on a single compose file and all qBit traffic is routed through Gluetun.

qBit seems to starts first before Gluetun is fully set up and qBit doesn't see the open port. Every time I start them together, I have to manually restart qBit again once Gluetun is ready. Once it's restarted, it shows as open and connected again.

I tried looking for ways to delay startup in a compose file but I didn't get any results.

Is there a solution to this?


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Check the files included in the torrent. Sometimes the folders include a little readme or something that people set to not download.

oops haha wrong tool (i.imgur.com)

I'm planning out my next homelab when I move soon. I have the floor plans and it looks like the best place for my computer is not centrally located, so the Wi-Fi won't be ideal. I'd like to run the cables a short distance so the router would be in a better spot.

I'm just renting and will likely only be here for a year so I don't want to do any drilling. I just want to secure the cables somehow to the crease where the wall and ceiling meet.

The total length will only be about 20 feet to the router.

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The amount of tinkering required to get Windows to function as I want is increasing, while the same for Linux is decreasing. Eventually they'll cross and that's when I'll switch.



I just want to toggle the alternative speeds while Plex is streaming outside my house. I couldn't find anything while looking around except for some old scripts that haven't been updated in years.

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Brother printer is probably the best brand if you want it to "just work" but still have support.

I paid the premium price for a color laser printer scanner combo - about $450 I think - seven years ago and I haven't paid a cent since. It's done everything just fine.

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Is there already something like this? I'm using Duplicati and a cloud storage provider to back up all my docker configs. It encrypts everything before uploading.

Is there anything similar to this that acts as a seamless interface for cloud services, but with user encryption added in between? Not so much for a backup plan but just for regular cloud storage?


I'm just a novice at self hosting and I see a lot of talk about the risks of exposing stuff to the world. Here's my setup:

-Rpi4 hosting Overseerr
-Desktop computer hosting Nginx and some Cloudflare DDNS update containers

Cloudflare directs request.domain.com to my home IP address. Nginx forces HTTPS and directs the request to the Pi.

Is there any risk in this setup or are there more steps I can take to secure it?

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