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OK the serious problem with using a loop count like this is that by the time someone has read previous context etc, the image has completely stopped. This practice is infuriating to me. If I wanted to actually see thus gif animated, I now have to not only know the context/show etc but have no idea what was being implied. Gifs are already a horrible bandwidth hogging format, but looping it costs no more of that. Removing the primary point of posting a gif in a comment here only causes loss of context.

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This ties into the comment I was going to make separately. For context, my dad recently passed. First father's day without him. My mom asked to watch a movie that meant something to the both of them because they saw it together in a drive in on release and it was very memorable because the technology and techniques used were fascinating at the time. She complained that it wasn't on Disney+ or anywhere.

You may have guessed it, but she requested Song of the South. One serious moral quandary later, I got it ready for her to watch.

Tomorrow is gonna be rough, but at least my sailing might bring some good memories for her.

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The Popeyes here sucks and that annoys me every time I drive by.

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I even shittily removed the unnecessary people possibly causing a distraction. Unfortunately, red wasn't an option for whatever reason on this phone's editor.

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Console output with status of the current operation, including error and warning messages

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I know this is more of a general discussion community and not for tech support, but I'm at the end of my technical ability here and that is the primary game I play.

I've been running the live version of EverQuest for months now. Yesterday, I encountered a really strange issue where if I connect to the game, DNS would completely fail. I've tried this over 2 distros: Garuda (Arch based) and Linux Mint. I've done a few 50+ gb Steam downloads as tests with no issues. However, as soon as I run the game for more than 10 minutes, DNS just completel drops until a full reboot (on both distros) which is really odd. It's only affecting the PC, which is what lead me to attempting to load up another distro and test things.

I've changed DNS servers around on all but the router (which I unfortunately don't have ready access to). I know the software firewall rules are good. Is there a way to reliably see if for some reason the router is kicking me off if I use UDP packets (I know that EverQuest uses some)?

During the DNS outage, I an use the same network on mobile without any kind of issue, which is what made me curious if this is a UDP issue since web browsing shouldn't be spraying those out.

I'd be more than willing to provide any pastes of files etc. Also, if anyone has a way to kind of stress test my wifi hardware to see if that is the issue, it'd be really helpful.

Editing to add: I've turned wifi power saving off and will continue to test. Odd that it would be turned on over 2 installs randomly, though (if it was ever off)

Adding again. This may be happening when I swap to the dedicated GPU on the laptop. The odd thing is that it started yesterday. This is why I turned off wifi power saving, and it doesn't seem to have an effect.

Just Keep Swiping (lemmy.sdf.org)
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I have been the target of a surprised vulture's vomit while being completely unaware of its presence in the tree above me. That was one of the most miserable experiences I've ever had. I look up much more often now.

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I only skimmed the article, but it didn't seem to define what is meant by "AI" and that trend frustrates me to no end.

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Edited To Add. The constant barrage of TLAs is exhausting.

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Seriously. His recent comments are vile.


Follow the instructions:

Where the fuck am I supposed to put the brownie? It comes in an otherwise self-contained tray.

Why even add the fucking brownie if I have nowhere to put it?

Huge Dog With Zoomies (files.catbox.moe)
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This my life every day and I love it. ETA: He might not look it, but this dog is 120 lbs. in this video!

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This might not be worthy of this community, it's what I've got. I think this screenshot still looks alright, though. Hope you enjoy.


I can't get it out.

Taste is subjective. (lemmy.sdf.org)
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