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They received a fine for something, lawyer made it go away?

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Hybrid is still a step back. It makes no sense to not be fully remote at that point. Sure, not each job can get away with that but why should we suffer because someone else needs person to person interaction? Who needs it is free to do so.

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No answer after 4 hours? How long should we wait?!

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You have the ultimate bragging rights there. Who cares what someone acomplished if they're a dick

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Can't get up until it moves, that's the rules

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Otherwise this will mean that they are doing this just to increase their profit margins and please their shareholders and don't care about their customers or workforce.

Oh my sweet summer child... that's exactly what it means. Always has.

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Also known as a list of people who have to be doing something right

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I'm Slovak and couldn't agree more.

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I was on LW at first but made a switch specifically because the instancencouldn't handle the influx

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This gets posted every single Haloween and I'm here for it

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There was this legendary comment on reddit to a thread asking people what would their plan be if they were immortal and got milion dollars, but there was a superintelligent immortal snail also with milion dollars who would want to kill them. I was trying to find it but as far as I can tell OP removed it. Does anyone here have it and could post it here by any chance?

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Community Points represent a way for Redditors to own a piece of their favorite communities. [...] They can even be used in custom tools outside of Reddit and on other platforms.

How the fuck would this work, I wonder? I tried to read through some but it makes little sense to me. It sounds like putting karma on blockchain and making it into a currency acting as reddit gold.

Rest is just regular cryptobro talk formulated so that Reddit looks like it cares about communities - or am I missing something?

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The Ukrainian fencer did offer her weapon for tapping it, which is pretty much an equivalent of a handshake - much less cordial, sure but still. It was the Russian who then threw a tantrum to fuck with her oponent.

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So with open source software more on my mind lately I was wondering - while I get the benefits of transparency and such, how safe is it? If the source code is available to all, isn't it easier to breach for people (like the recent cookies hack)? If I'd have an open source password manager, would it be easier for people to get my passwords somehow than if I use something not open source? Do I just not understand how software works in general?

And what are other benefits that may be not so obvious to someone not so knowledgable about this?

Edit: thank you all for really insightful answers! Among other things I also learned just how much I don't know :)

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