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“Everyone, the anti-trans attacks didn’t work out for Virginia. Get out the dart board, let’s try this again.”

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PayPal is notorious for displaying meaningless errors for just about everything, even when it is intentional. Might not be the case here, but they definitely do things like this.

Though if I had to put my money on it, if it isn’t a bug it’s an anti fraud measure of some sort.

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Don’t understand what these people think would be accomplished by sending the stuff in the mail like that. Touching it isn’t going to do anything. Inhaling I supposed, but it would be rather difficult to accidentally inhale it especially after being packed during mailing.

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This reminds me of how upset I was to break my Battlefront CD when I was younger. One of those games you had to enter the CD for to start. Needless to say, that was what started my torrent and crack experience.

Such a great game. The mods and third party maps were awesome. No edition after the first ever lived up to that, especially this new crap they came out with.

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Ridiculous that we “cant find” the money to pay the people educating the next generation more than this women is/will be making this year from posting photos and videos of herself online. Reveals a number of priorities that are out of line.

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Speculation about Gaither's involvement on the platform began in mid-October when she was seen in a video posted on Coppage's account. While the video didn't include Gaither's face, it was recorded at a party, and she was seen in a public picture wearing the same costume that was worn in the video posted on OnlyFans, according to the report.

So are we not going to call into question the “professionalism” of whoever found this video? Or did someone just accidentally make their way to onlyfans and pay to access her content. 🙄

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Oh wow, I’m glad to see there’s other people who are reminded of Plasma by Win 11. As someone who never installed or used it the first time I saw someone using it I made a comment about them using Linux. Until I realized…

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It’s weird with devs. Most of us are fine but there’s definitely a sizable number of “tech bros” that absolutely are misogynistic. And it’s probably worse than I realize not being the target of it.

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This is what happens when you increase pricing, add advertising on top of increased pricing, remove your content from competitors and create your own additional platform, all while decreasing the quality and amount of content.

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Try installing something from homebrew.

Oh you just want to install this one package here? Ok but let’s update 60 other packages first. Don’t worry, it will only take about one minute. Per package.

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Yea the fact this cannot even be released in the EU is one of the biggest red flags I have ever seen yet loads of people seem to not care at all. 🤷‍♂️

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Just trying to do my part for you guys :)

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