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I think you're playing into a content creator-driven narrative that doesn't quite exist for the reasons you think. It isn't quite as simple as D4 bad, followed by D4 saved (or the delicate nuance of 'D4 mid'). Indeed masses already flipped their use of these polar opposite terms several times since its release. This is more of a treadmill you're on to drive engagement, views. If you're bored with a game, that doesn't necessarily have to be because the game is bad. It could just be that the available content has run its natural course for you. This explanation just doesn't compel people to watch videos about it, though. It can be more satisfying to have it explained to you that there is a problem with the game, that some external factor is inhibiting your enjoyment of it.

I just don't think that is an accurate representation of reality in this case. I think the latent majority audience isn't terminally online, doesn't form their opinions based on what a content creator said, doesn't watch a line on the steam charts page and cheer when its direction validates them. They just play the game until they're done, and enjoy their time with it. And that by no means is the same thing as being a 'casual'.

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Ya, that's a subreddit for an online game tho - being a circlejerk of negativity is like its primary function, even for breakout hits like Helldivers or The Finals. It's part of why I left reddit completely, and why "someone online said it's bad" doesn't pass the sniff test for legitimate criticism for me. As an ARPG enthusiast, I went in with the expectation that it was neither POE nor Diablo Immortal; that I'd play it alongside other ARPG's cyclically; that it'd be made or broken by the quality of the seasonal content & meta.

I understand it fell short of others' expectations, but I think that's primarily an issue with the expectations. That I'd rather play D4 right now over PoE or Last Epoch doesn't mean that those aren't great games, they just don't have that fresh content right now and that's ok, despite that you can easily find equivalent negative discourse about it. And if D4 S5 sucks, the inverse will also be true.

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There wasn't really any discontent online about the base game mechanics until there was discontent about the live service content for S1 a couple of months later.

I might be ignoring nonsense complaints like about barb nerfs despite barb being consistently the most powerful class by a significant margin to this day, simply due to having more slots for more affixes & legendary powers

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Originally, undiagnosed ADHD. The pathway to get licensed was somewhat annoying for me, and I couldn't be bothered engaging with it. I've also always had great access to efficient public transport, which I took to school so was accustomed to using it.

There's been lots of secondary reasons over the years - for a long time I had fines to clear before I could progress getting licensed. The fines were bullshit, and I wouldn't pay them out of principle. Now they've expired, that roadblock is no longer in my way, but I'm still not licensed.

Sometimes it's annoying, but only really in the sense that I'm proud of my independence / don't like the rare occasions that I'm dependent on others for travel. I'm in the US on holiday now, and there is comparatively almost zero public transport - that sucks. When I've travelled around Europe, Asia, New Zealand, or at home in Australia - the issues are pretty few. I don't feel held back enough to care, and it seems like a money pit.

I have learned to drive a car, though. I'm just not licensed to, and don't. M 33

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That's just not consistent with the reality that Diablo 4 was released to wide acclaim. Wolcen was far worse than D4 in almost every area. I think you just got farmed for engagement, because contrarianism is trendy.

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They adjusted the level scaling for S3, with different thresholds depending on the world tier you're in. As you approach the monster level cap for a given world tier, the scaling slows down so that it's outpaced by the player level.

I agree it shouldn't have scaled 1:1 all the way to max level on launch, but people are super quick to forget how well D4 was generally received on launch. It was literally used as a counterexample to games that launched badly, "it was more like a toddler trying to make an MMO" seems like a dishonest characterisation to me. What complaints do you have that aren't long since resolved?

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Thanks! Got the script from the TwitchAdSolutions GitHub and it seems to work well

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Doesn't work on Twitch for me (using Firefox). I've had some success using 'Purple Adblock', but it works by connecting to a public proxy in an ad-free country for the duration of the ad - so it has issues during peak and can get you stuck in a loop

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Might be worth waiting for a couple decades without a major replication crisis in your field of study before holding academic rigor over the heads of others but go off king

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Just to add context because this is a somewhat polarising headline, gamergate shit is back on the rise. Gamers generally aren't being considered potential extremists, only literal extremists that happen to consider their opinions as representative of gamers

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Wait, but they already launched it without Denuvo. So pirates can easily crack the launch version without it, and only paying customers need to deal with the antipiracy bullshit? Nice, they took a pro-piracy hyperbole and made it actually real.

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The financial impact of this decision is entirely speculative at this stage. Unity's next quarterly earnings report won't be impacted by it. The market is attempting to price in losses that haven't yet occurred. We won't know how it affects stock price for awhile

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