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Wearing a mask and staying away from people when sick is a much better approach. Also being aware of what being sick even is since some people just kinda ignore their symptoms as “a cold”.

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FOSS devs/enthusiasts

hang out IRL

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People already post the most racist, hate inducing, vitriolic shit on facebook with their name and life history attached to it.

It might reduce some low effort trolling, but I don't think it will affect much.

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Gift cards are terrible gifts and I wish people would stop giving them. Just give them straight cash money to spend on whatever they want, an item they actually could use, or even better, nothing at all if they don't actually need it.

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What if you really hate support and ease of finding images online?

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8 gigs of ram for some shitty laptop is fine. Like the air shipping with 8 gigs of ram is fine (not great, but fine)

But for a "Pro" machine, let alone a 1600 dollar computer is insane.

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I'd argue that venture capitalists are the cause of lack of scientific breakthroughs.

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I'll believe it when it's actually in production. Toyota has been making claims about this for a long time now and it always seems to be "just a few years" away.

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They're not going to shoot you for trying to haggle. Shit I've haggled on the purchase of a gun.

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“You can’t arrest me no more – I’ve seen your private parts,” he said, noting how his attitude changed during the stop.

“I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me and I just saw you and your husband last night for $29.99 have sex on OnlyFans. I just can’t respect you or the precinct that you’re working at.”

IDK, I think that says more about you buddy.

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The point of the article is to have them there for emergencies since we already have systems in place to broadcast emergency info over radio, and it's a lot simpler to implement than satellite for when cell signal is down.


Is anyone aware of any switches (or media converters) with SFP+ ports capable of negotiating 2.5Gbit speeds that don't cost an arm and a leg?

I have the Google Fiber 2 gig plan and I'd like to get rid of the fiber box since they've been extremely unreliable and our 4th one has just died. Unfortunately in order to get the full speeds I need something that can take a 2.5 gig SFP+ connection. 10 gig will not work, and 1 gig obviously only gets me half the speed.

I've found a few Unifi compatible switches, but they're between $600 and $900 which is just insane for all we need.

Media converter wise everything I've found is 2.5gig on the rj45 side and 10 gig only on the SFP.

Something has to exist out there right? It can't only be Google who are the freaks using 2.5 gig SFP modules.

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This isn’t a college course, and I doubt any random person on the internet is going to sue you.

Why don’t you just copy paste it wholesale and just give them credit? Don’t pretend it’s your own work.

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