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The only solution to this conundrum is adoption I guess!

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I thought whistleblowers were meant to have immunity. Also, the assumption that only people of Arab descent would find the treatment of Palestinians detestable... Absolutely bonkers.

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I don't think so. It probably just screws with the perception of time, I doubt it actually speeds anything up. If it did, we'd be able to use it for way more things than punishment, like for example, doing a deep delve into a subject in a matter of hours.

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Oh but they don’t care about anything but short form content. If they could ditch supporting long form content today they would.

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Ohgnoes Dantoudai-chan, don't lop their cute widdle necksie-wecksies off~! UωU

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It's so cute that these grown-ups make decisions based on what comes out of their own arseholes. Perhaps it's time to retire them.

We don't even know for certain how much carbon dioxide affects the climate over time, we just know that it does, and have educated guesses as to how much. Said educated guesses are under scrutiny because they might be too optimistic and things might be much, much worse than we're currently attempting to adjust for.

In short; what we're currently doing isn't enough, and what we're currently pushing for might also not be enough. Sure, our goals might be unrealistic, and there will be catastrophes; that's the price we have to pay because they chose to ignore and delay the problem. Instead of paying up and dealing with the cavity, we're now arguing that it's not so bad that the jaw is rotting off.

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There are anti-porn laws?

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Honestly every single Google product should be added to it with a "TBD" or "Coming Soon" on the death date.

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Slavery is a great way to maximise profits! Who cares about humans? If you just reduce them to numbers in your excel sheets it gets a lot easier to do maths with them!

Humanity just never changes, does it? Are we doomed to be forever despicable?

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It kind of makes sense, though. I grew up a povvo bitch, so if someone wanted to borrow money there were basically two outcomes

A) We simply didn't have the money to lend them
B) We had the money and might as well help them out because we like the person and they'd do the same in turn; at the end of the day we'd still struggle, so a bit less doesn't make a massive difference

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No, I'm criticising the fact that the term devalues both the labour put in by people, as well as devaluing the people themselves. You can't deny that we as a society look down at certain jobs, both in terms of the jobs being unsavoury (handling refuse, cleaning, etc.).

I'm a software developer, my roomie is a truck driver. We don't get the same reactions when we introduce ourselves and talk about our jobs. We don't have the same wages or working conditions either. I have a fixed, yet relaxed schedule, and I can plonk around with my job more or less any time I feel like it. My roomie went to bed at eight today because he has to get up at three, by the time I get up he'll have worked for four hours. He most likely won't be home until five, about the time I close my laptop and start cooking, provided I haven't already started that. Somehow I'm paid more. I'm perceived as more intelligent, and my work is held in higher regard, despite the fact that business grind to a halt and people go without food if my roomie doesn't do his job. He doesn't "just" drive from point A to point B, just like I don't "just" stare at a monitor all day.

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There is no such thing as unskilled labour.

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