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I started a long journey for discovering Dragon Quest (only played to 9 and completed 11). I already finished DQ1 (very nice, simple but interesting nevertheless), and I am now playing DQ2 (and I love it :D).

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Yes but if it’s free, I don’t think it’s a big issue. Very different than allowing people to buy lottery tickets (it could be the case, but I don’t think so).

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Depends how you see it. TCG is by itself a lootbox game, but with physical cards instead. However, it does not seem that the Pokemon Company wants to turn its TCG game into a digital business, but instead use those apps as promotional products for TCG. Personally, I think it’s a much better model than the one pursued by everyone else. The apps are more a bonus / promotional stuff than a real thing. For this particular app, I won’t be surprised if there is no other way to get packs than waiting for the next day.

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It’s normal to be skeptical no worries ;). Pokémon TCG is really a thing of its own, and managed by a separate entity within the Pokemon Company.

I could be wrong, but if it was the case, I am wondering why they did not already do it with their new TCG app that was released last year.

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I don’t think so. The TCG online has no micro-transactions. You have to buy real packs to get digital packs in the game.

I believe this new game will just be advertisement for the TCG by itself, without the F2P stuff we are used to in other games. Giving people this app for free, and expect to convert some of them into TCG players who will buy real packs.

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Not all characters are playable characters.

This game has been released on the Nintendo DS. The idea is to compose your own manga page on the bottom screen with well-known cells from multiple manga. Some cells represent playable characters, some are support characters (doing move as an assist) and others have just passive abilities.

The cells also reinforce each other if they are touching and have « something » in common (eg: from the same manga, or both are the main protagonist of their manga, …).

During the battle, you tap the cells on the touch screen to switch character or call support characters. That’s how they could integrate many characters, even if they do not fight.

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I loved Lost Odyssey at the time but, at the same time, it’s probably one of worst JRPG I have ever played when you only consider the beginning. The game is so slow to start, and sometimes a bit too difficult (especially because it does not let you grind, which is very annoying at the beginning because you have not many options).

Besides that, It has a lot to share, with a touching story, very interesting reflections about immortality and harsh/intense moments. The gameplay is good as well, proposing its own mechanics and bosses that forces you to use them.

It’s not easy to recommend because it’s one of those games where you have to play many hours to get in.

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I kinda agree. Back in the days, I was waiting for new games. Now, there are dozens of games waiting for me every time I complete one. It seems to be impossible to play everything nowadays even if you only do that. It’s not a big issue for us of course (we just have to accept we cannot play everything, and choose wisely how to use our playing time), but I can see this being an issue for the industry.

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I just bought it a few weeks ago, and started playing it again few days ago. As good as I remember so far :).

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I had the chance to play it at the time, and since I hadn’t played SM64 yet, this game was even more impressive to me :). I wouldn’t change anything to it, mixing up 3D platformer with mini-games and a moveset that evolved through out the game, combined with an amazing OST and funny dialogs … it was perfect <3.

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I personally really enjoyed the trip. Far from perfect, and more a 2010 game in its core, but quite entertaining. However, I would have been disappointed if I had to pay 80€ for it (especially because this game lacks polish). I had no hesitation thanks to the gamepass, and I have no regret playing 100h to it :).

I think the backlash is a bit excessive. It feels like people expected this game to be exceptional, having huge expectations that were never met. It’s Bethesda, how can we expect a master piece from them on day one? Besides, it’s not like a success like Skyrim can be reproduced that easily. It’s not bad to have expectations, but if the game is different than what you had in mind, it’s not the game’s fault imo (and it happens too frequently those years, as if all major releases are bad games that should never be played).

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It made sense at some point, but it’s ridiculous nowadays (except perhaps for the Switch, since it seems to be difficult to port games on it, but nothing holds Nintendo to release their games on the others). PC / PS5 / XSX should have the same games.

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