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I know someone who's literally making that right now. Remind me in a week, I'll send you the link. He'll probably be done by then.


I'm looking into hosting one of these for the first time. From my limited research, XMPP seems to win in every way, which makes me think I must be missing something. Matrix is almost always mentioned as the de-facto standard, but I rarely saw arguments why it is better than XMPP?

Xmpp seems way easier to host, requiring less resources, has many more options for clients, and is simpler and thus easier to manage and reason about when something goes wrong.

So what's the deal?

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Whether you're really passionate about RPC, MQTT, Matrix or wayland, tell us more about the protocols or open standards you have strong opinions on!

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I thought I'll make this thread for all of you out there who have questions but are afraid to ask them. This is your chance!

I'll try my best to answer any questions here, but I hope others in the community will contribute too!

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Curious to know the coolest things you achieved by configuring your kernel. I know kernel config can be boring, but I'm hoping someone will have an impressive answer.

For me I have a very lightweight kernel that runs wayland on nvidia without any issues to date.

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I'll start with mine. yes part of this was to brag about my somewhat but not too unusual setup. But I also wanna learn from your setups!

Anyways: I primarily use Gentoo Linux.

I have two headless servers: a Raspberry Pi 4B and a Oracle cloud VM (free tier). Both running OpenRC, and both were running mainline kernel with custom config (I recently switched the Pi to PiFoundation kernel due to some issues). The raspberry pi boots from SSD and has no sd card inserted.

Both servers were running musl libc instead of glibc for a while. This gave me a couple of random issues, but eventually I got tired and switched back to glibc.

I have a desktop running gentoo and a laptop running arch, but hoping to switch the laptop to gentoo soon.

Both are daily driving wayland (the desktop had nvidia card and used for gaming). The desktop is running a kernel with a minimal config that compiles in 2-3 minutes.

What's your unusual setup like?

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My journey with Lemmy started in 2022 out of interest in the fediverse and paranoia around how much control social media companies have, and how little choice common people are left with over the Internet.

Lemmy was much smaller back then. I really wanted it go get bigger, and tried to contribute to it. But it was small enough to be unsatisfying, so I would go back and forth between lemmy and Reddit.

After the Reddit fiasco, I shifted more and more towards lemmy and less towards Reddit. I finally abandoned Reddit when third party apps broke. I only go there for specific questions in communities that aren't active on lemmy.

What about you?

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I am looking to contribute to striker funds, if possible. I am located in the US, hence why I choose it.

I am hoping for striker funds that would be effective enough to make change. In other words, they may be the last thing a group of workers needed to decide to strike.

I am hoping the fund is efficient in managing its funds, rather than a significant fraction going to administrative costs. Very preferred if the fund's financials are fully transparent.

Any recommendations?

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Can anyone recommend cheap laptops that have good build quality and see lightweight?

I aim to use it for programming, but I connect to my desktop for most hefty work so it doesn't need to have solid performance. 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage are enough for me. a lower grade CPU would still be good; a i3 that's 6 cores is enough.

What's really important to me is build quality, especially the keyboard. I also don't want it to be big. 13" would be enough, but not too picky here.

Any recommendations? And are there any communities that are better to ask this in?

Budget: I am hoping to pay $400 or less, but willing to pay $1000 or even more if it's justified or the value is worthwhile

OS: Linux. I can install it myself.

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Tiling window manager users: how exactly do you use yours?

Do you have advanced keybindings for bringing up frequently used programs?

Are there less common layouts you use frequently?

Do you use any advanced or fancy features?

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I want to host public-facing applications on a server in my home, without compromising security. I realize containers might be one way to do this, and want to explore that route further.


I want to run applications within containers such that they

  • Must not be able to interfere with applications running on host
  • Must not be able to interfere with other containers or applications inside them
  • Must have no access or influence on other devices in the local network, or otherwise compromise the security of the network, but still accessible by devices via ssh.

Note: all of this within reason. I understand that sometimes there may be occasional vulnerabilities, like in kernel for example, that would eventually get fixed. Risks like this within reason I am willing to accept.

What I found so far

  • Running containers in rootless mode: in other words, running the container daemon with an unprivileged host user
  • Running applications in container under unprivileged users: the container user under which the container is ran should be unprivileged
  • Networking: The container's networking must be restricted. I am still not sure how to do this and shall explore it more, but would appreciate any resources.

Alternative solution

I have seen bubblewrap presented as an alternative, but it seems like it is not intended to be used directly in this manner, and information about using it for this is scarce.

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Image Alt Text: "After downloading a 2.5GB movie

Me: Presses play Movie unsupported file" A person is shown with eyes on her laptop punching the wall beside her, causing it to crack.

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You don't really explain why activityPub is limiting you. It's hard to help you here.

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Israel: we literally don't think people in Gaza are human

Westerners: I can't tell the difference between the two sides!

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What matters isn't who came first. What matters is that no one has the right to expel a human from a land they're living in. That is the core of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

I am pro Palestine, but have no issue with the increase of Jewish migrations in the 19th century. The problem is not Jewish migration. It is the fact that Israel expelled Palestinians from their homes, murdered them, suffocated them, and made their lives miserable.

And this is the same thing that was done to the native people of the modern day Americas.

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I love when people on the Internet say "X did Y quietly" to make it more suspenseful. This doesn't look quiet to me...

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And yet it is still a prevalent idea in FOSS that open sourcing without restrictions on corporate use will karma back to you positively somehow.

Non-corporate FOSS should be way more popular.

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That's false. There's no state in communism. See Karl Marx or any Communist writer on this.

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EDIT: based on another commenter, OP's claim isn't even factual.

And it took the US until 1996 (after fall of USSR)? Not to mention that it was capitalism (General Motors) that spread the hoax about leaded gasoline being safe, under the guise of scientific research in 1921.

This is not the gotcha you think it is.

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It is unfortunate that this anti-work rhetoric often comes off as outrageous, when in reality it isn't. I don't know if the people doing it are intentionally trying to be controversial, or if they just are not good at communicating.

When we complain about work, this doesn't mean that we are asking for a world where we lounge all day at home, and expect that food, shelter and entertainment are magically delivered to us without any regard to how it happens. No, anti-work is not about a blind sense of entitlement. But that is how a lot of these posts come off as, even if their authors don't intend it.

Anti-work is a recognition that the working class works way too damn much; so much more than we need to to have a functioning society with everyone living happily and having their needs met. There's so much inefficiency in capitalism, with aims to drive more capital to the wealthy, and working around other stupidities of capitalism (check out the book "Bullshit jobs" for examples). The ruling class holds hostage the world's resources, and requires you to give them a large portion of your life to get even the minimum needed to sustain your living. Now that is outrageous.

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I agree. Fascist countries like Denmark, Germany and Canada often get called "socialist" and they have been disastrous for the reputation of socialism.

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Our track record dealing with covid shows us that our approach was largely unsuccessful. Masking must be enforced, not suggested. This is the only effective solution.

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Even if it kills (which it likely will), our track record shows that didn't care enough about that, and in a decreasing manner. So it'll only be worse.

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