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There are a bunch of free channels on the internet that some TVs can just stream without a dedicated app. These channels are supported by ads like cable/whatever channels, but not locked behind a subscription. VLC is supporting whatever formats they use to allow (or make it easier; IDK) people to watch them if they want.

The other part is that they're working on web assembly to allow sites to use VLC as their embedded video player.

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The scary part is presenting it as a fucking privacy feature with no consequences.

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"Frankly, Kimmel’s fake requests were funny, but what he did was clear violation of copyright law,”


Cameo sounds like work for hire to me. You pay, it's yours.

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If you're actually expecting people to transition without asking for help on a regular basis, you don't know people.

You just made yourself their IT guy for life.

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No shit.

It's never been a secret what incognito mode does. Websites have always still been able to do whatever they want with your traffic, because the browser doesn't control that in any way.

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Suits like this should permanently get everything you own, including subsidiaries and parent companies, placed in the public domain immediately.

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The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is leading an investigation into the incident, said pilots had reported pressurisation warning lights on three previous flights made by the specific Alaska Airlines Max 9 involved in the incident.

As bad as it is if a manufacturing issue caused a piece to fall off an airplane, there's a huge amount of negligence in an airline continuing to fly an airplane that has triggered pressure warnings multiple times without investigating and resolving the issue.

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They already fucking do.

They just pretend pre-roll trailers aren't ads.

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reportedly cost the studio roughly $42.6 million dollars to make, with a net profit hitting over $49.7 million. Approximately $7 million past the breakeven point,

That's not what profit means.

Their complete butchering of the basics makes it really hard to take their analysis of cash flow seriously.

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Absolutely insane.

I can understand extreme cases, like some sort of disputed IP where their contact to sell the content turns out not to be with the actual rights holder, resulting in no longer serving the content (with an unconditional full refund). But past that they should be legally required to host the content until the heat death of the universe.

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Yeah the matching donations was the obvious answer. It's honestly a decent way to do charity as a company (obviously bigger ticket contributions are good, too), because it rewards them for their choices by increasing their value, and your contributions are going places that have some support behind them from your employees. Finding worthwhile causes that don't get money has value, but it's really hard and expensive to do.

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I'm skeptical of any article like this on its face. The whole beauty of a well done RPG, especially a CRPG, is that you get choices on how to build your character and how you handle encounters and can be successful with many of them.

If bard is the most fun for you, awesome. If it's "objectively better", the game is flawed.

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