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They're both; Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit org, is the parent of Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit organization I'm talking about.

Mozilla Corporation is in charge of distribution of the official download and development coordination and some other things. Now the Foundation is in charge over them admittedly, but I see that as a bit like playing with fire.

I wouldn't say mad, more...just prepared for the worst

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Oh yea, they latch onto each other so much I forget that they're actually separate things

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I was one, I'll admit it and I'm glad I was wrong

As far as why? Because FF/Mozilla positions themselves as THE browser for privacy and "For the people", but Mozilla is also a for-profit company so I'm always expecting the worst out of them just like I have for so many other for-profit companies

Just look at Canonical, they're pursuing an IPO RN and are already in the early stages of enshittification because of it.

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That's conservatism for ya, can't divorce and just be happier people for it because sky daddy might be mad

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What, you can?

Man I need to get a fucking lawyer right now!

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You should look in a mirror, because you're the densest one here, you're just not getting it

It's possible with high precision sensors in a device meant for that purpose i.e. NOT your average phone

Its NOT possible with any sort of degree of accuracy with the commodity grade sensors available in most consumer available devices

The "app" that they "pinky promise" is accurate, isn't. It can tell when you're moving and coupled with GPS even what speed and that's about it. Any promises about being able to determine where you are in the vehicle are a lie.

The sensors built-in to your phone are done so for the job of determining the position of the device relative to YOU the PERSON NOT relative to where YOU AND your phone ARE in the physical space i.e. is it in your pocket, are you trying to rotate to landscape, is it upside down. NOT where you and your phone together are in physical space i.e. what seat you're in.

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LMAO yea ok buddy, Ukraine was totally unstable when Russia started the war lolol /s

For better tagging classification of your user can you specify which of the following apply to you:

  1. An employee of a Russian disinformation campaign
  2. A volunteer of a Russian disinformation campaign
  3. An American who drank too much of the Kool aid
  4. A European who drank too much of the Kool aid
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THIS was the plan from the start

Lol yea, because Putin secretly loves western/capitalist countries and played along to attack Ukraine! /s

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They've been unsafe for years now, since they got bought out by some Chinese company known for shenanigans

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I called it lol, just a bunch of elders echoing what other "western" elders have been complaining about for a hundred years, and then questionable news orgs running with it LMAO

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It's worth more, more often than you think, it's just hawked by random "influencers" with a paltry 50k followers or some shit. That kind of exposure is worthless.

I've heard from photographers and artists before that they will consider exposure offers, but only if you have an actual status. Like a major brand or near-celebrity or a top 50 social media "influencer" with millions upon millions of followers.

And they usually want a contract, i.e. you have to pin our work for X days and you have to tag us etc.

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$300k might be worth the sacrifice

Right? I realistically just need 150k/yr to be stable in my area, I could chuck the other 150k/yr into savings and quit after 3 years with 450k in the bank

Is this tree healthy? (lemmy.world)
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The tree is an adjoining neighbors backyard with large branches that come pretty close to my house (Though there is a sizable gap, if it comes down under the wrong wind direction...) and are actually touching another neighbors roof.

If it is unhealthy, is it recoverable? I'd rather not have them cut the whole thing down (it provides a lot of shade for my backyard (well, when it's healthy that is lmao)) Should I talk with them directly (I don't really know them, at all) or let the city know?

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With Google Workspace cracking down on storage (Been using them for unlimited storage for years now) I was lucky to get a limit of 300TBs, but now I have to actually watch what gets stored lol

A good portion is uh "Linux ISOs", but the rest is very seldom (In many cases last access was years ago) accessed files that I think would be perfect for tape archival. Things like byte-to-byte drive images and old backups. I figure these would be a good candidate for tape and estimate this portion would be about 100TBs or more

But I've never done tape before, so I'm looking for some purchasing advice and such. I seen from some of my research that I should target picking up an LTO8 drive as it's compatible with LTO9 for when they come down in price.

And then it spiraled from there with discussions on library tape drives that are cheaper but need modifications and all sorts of things

EA gonna EA (lemmy.world)
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submitted 1 month ago by cm0002@lemmy.world to c/memes@lemmy.ml
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Not naming names lol IYKYK

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I like to let Spotify leave my playlist and just have it play whatever so I can add new songs to my playlist.

But from time to time it'll play songs from some religious band (Usually Christian rock or Christian rap or something). The annoying part is it'll sound pretty good, until I start paying attention to the lyrics and then I realize it's a propaganda song lol and have to block the artist and move on.

Anybody know of a good list of religious artists on Spotify so I can write a script to block them ahead of time? (Or even better an existing FOSS project to do just that lol)

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Hi everyone, looking for some NVR software to run a bunch of Cisco 6630 cameras I picked up (I know I know, but at <20$/camera....)

I looked at a few like ZoneMinder and Frigate but they all seem to only support basic HTTP auth and I spent a lot of time and effort getting Authentik working nice and smooth and dammit I want to use it for everything I can lol

Just "classic" LDAP is fine too, at least it's still using some part of my central authentication infra lmao

Finally, vindication! (www.droid-life.com)
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What should I do now lol

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