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of course they will, it is for profit

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As a German I hate both languages

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it lasts more than many Google projects

I agree with you I'm just kidding lol

fight asshole companies, fight


Exemple: How does Apple guarantee that the iOS source code will not be discovered by an adversary?

Is there any type of different encryption for this case?


Hi guys!

I downloaded the Fedora Sway (SPIN) ISO, but when I try to simulate it in VirtualBox, nothing happens.

Does anyone have any tips on how to proceed in this case?

Any tip is welcome.

Based on real facts (discuss.tchncs.de)
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He didn't give up his fortune directly, because today he is a rich man. He just enriched with a different approach like opting to not lock the source code of his work like another guy we know well...

But I like him anyway

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In 2018 I went to research why all the sites wanted my cookies so much, today I'm a free software adovocate and a Marxist

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Capitalist dystopia in its essence. Fetish for AI and normalization of mass surveillance, after all, AI's need to be fed, right?

We must resist (discuss.tchncs.de)
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I'm looking to replace my portable modem with a GL.iNet router because I saw that they claim to use OpenWRT which is a open source firmware.

My question is:

Is their OpenWRT version actually reliable?

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But for a fraction of time humanity generated profits for shareholders. The End.

Tesla's competitor (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Is time for GPL v 4.0? (discuss.tchncs.de)

Now we are facing an unprecedented growth of AI as a whole. Do you think is time for FSF elaborate a new version of GPL to incorporate the new challenges of AI in software development to keep protecting users freedom?

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I don't know if the API is available to third part devs make a client app.

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