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Okay, Patrick Bateman

[-] XCraftMC@sh.itjust.works 24 points 3 months ago

ooooo aaaaaaaaa ooooooooo aaaaaaaaa

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Don’t use VirtualBox. It’s great for most things but it’s not powerful enough for games. Use VMware Player or Workstation and use the max amount of vram it’ll let you.

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Virtual machines. Disable drag-and-drop and shared folders/clipboard. It’s still not impossible to escape the vm but it’s very difficult and most malware isnt capable of doing that.

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This one’s great too

[-] XCraftMC@sh.itjust.works 9 points 6 months ago

b e e p e r

seriously best thing ever. even allows iMessage on Android. combines pretty much everything you just said into one app on all platforms.

[-] XCraftMC@sh.itjust.works 22 points 6 months ago

Had more of one than the new rockstar games. I really hope it doesn't turn out to be a soulless cash-grab like the past couple of games have been cough remasters cough

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all of these cliché relationships where people don't seem to understand basic forms of communication just confuse me. if you feel this way, tell them! If you don't like something their doing, say something! this isnt highschool; it's not a guessing game anymore, it's people.

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but does your package manager show a video game animation when you download a package? (pacman for life)

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your username is something else my guy

[-] XCraftMC@sh.itjust.works 37 points 9 months ago

because of their...insides?

[-] XCraftMC@sh.itjust.works 18 points 9 months ago

watch elongated muskrat make another app called “y” just for the meme

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