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Play Minetest.

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I remember the last few versions of Netscape Communicator had a "Shop" button.

This was the sign that Netscape had lost the browser war and was giving up.

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Never heard of this service. Thanks.

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I'm still on a Fairphone 4 -- in fact, in December it surpassed all my previous smartphones as the one I've owned and used the longest since smartphones became a thing. However, I'm on CalyxOS and have always used a GCam port for taking photos. So I'm not sure if I will get this camera software update or if I have to move back to the (buggy) stock Fairphone OS to see the changes.

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"We just gave the Fairphone 4 a revolutionary update, with a completely refreshed camera experience, and we couldn’t be prouder."

The Fairphone 4 was released in summer 2021 and has been superseded by the Fairphone 5, but this major update addresses one of the biggest complaints about the device since day one -- the camera.

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This is a big complaint for me. I know that there is the official standalone APK, but if I am running a de-Googled phone, I want to be able to use Signal and have it update on a regular basis.

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Finally, we can have usernames in Signal instead of giving our phone number to everybody.

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I mean licensing comes in here. The FOSS licenses allow this. Microsoft EULA and copyright almost certainly does not. But yes, I get the sentiment.

It's almost as if all of the FAANG/Magnificent 7 market outperformance the past 15 years was built on the backs of the free labor provided by the FOSS movement. But then they will turn around and claim that non-western companies steal IP, etc and have US intervene to ban competition, or sue in courts. Kind of funny.

Back to the tech discussion, I've been using doas for a few years now instead of sudo. Even on my GNU/Linux machines. It's a lot simpler to setup for desktop workflow machines.

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I'm happy for them.

Was this the best metal album of 2023? Not by a long shot.

Was it the best Metallica album in 25 years? Absolutely. They tried new things and pulled it off well.

The Grammys have very narrow criteria. Basically you are going to get top 40 radio friendly songs and they choose from that. Looking at the list of nominees, they were the only metal band actually nominated in this category. The rest of the nominees are what people who drive in to "easy listening soft hits" think metal sounds like. 2023 was a pretty weak year for metal anyway.

In my 30s, I've come back around to appreciating Metallica. We don't have many years left of them being around. Enjoy them for the time that we still can. One of these days, soon, they will play Master of Puppets for the last time.

And at least Babymetal didn't win.

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Mozilla now has an official Debian repository for running the latest Firefox releases.

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It's kind of terrible now. Since late 2023, when I go to search technical specs of hardware, I am presented with a view that looks like browsing an online shopping catalog. It's weird and unwanted. For personal use, I went back to DDG.

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Leah is now selling the 820 G2 with Libreboot. Now you have another choice when it comes to a completely libre firmware. Intel management engine is neutered. This is the newest laptop supported by Libreboot.

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Man locks the front door to his house after refusing to answer the question, "Why do you beat your wife?"

Looks like Meta is using some of the stock price increase from the past few months to fund their media marketing campaign again.

It's an election year. We are going to hear more about this and omg China.

Just remember that unlike Insta and FB the far right doesn't go viral on TikTok. The platform that supported insurrection, the company that has allowed the far right to flourish and led to a direct assault on representative democracy, remains unpunished and is bigger today than 2020.

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Whatever system76 decides it will be, I guess. That's really the unexplored area of my keyboard because it's so wildly inconsistent from one laptop manufacturer to another.

I do, however, recognize Microsoft's leveraging power over laptop manufacturers. They are the reason we got the Windows/Super key to start with (although ThinkPads held out until 2007) and later why everyone was forced to go to 6 row chiclet keyboards in 2013. So I'm certain the community will standardize this key for something useful across all distributions.

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For a slightly different take: I want a car that runs on free software, that doesn't spy on me.

Until then, I can bike, or continue driving my now fifteen year old sedan that I bought with 5% of my annual salary, used.

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Bruce Perens, one of the founders of the Open Source movement, is ready for what comes next: the Post-Open Source movement.

First of all, our licenses aren't working anymore," he said. "We've had enough time that businesses have found all of the loopholes and thus we need to do something new. The GPL is not acting the way the GPL should have done when one-third of all paid-for Linux systems are sold with a GPL circumvention. That's RHEL.

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I didn't understand why Dee Rhoads was so protective of Randy's legacy for the 30+ years after his death until she passed away. Limiting access, very few interviews, no releases based on his demo/rehearsal tapes. As a fan (of Randy, not really Ozzy), I wanted more.

Much like Christopher Tolkien, it turns out Dee was keeping the wolves at bay.

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