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Yea that is true, but in smaller form factors a 10 nm chip wouldn’t be sufficient anymore. They generally consume more energy or they are slower.

If consumers had the choice between the two chips they generally choose the smaller ones because of their inherent benefits.

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Samsung started with 5nm in 2018, so that’s still 6 years behind.

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I made you a mod, if you have any questions let me know (:

Good luck!

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I’m kinda suprised the numbers aren’t like 1% owns 99% of the shares.

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ASML’s machines are very advanced using a lot of specialized parts (who’s export is probably also banned) and taking a lot of skilled labour to make. China will probably be able to eventually get there, but it’s going to be a while.

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Because they don’t want to pay for running AI in the cloud.

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I just don’t see how you got that from the original comment.

They say things like “could have been worse”, and “But that's a damn shame no matter what, life is precious.”. How does that imply what you say it implies?

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No it doesn’t. Do you agree that it would have been worse if someone else was killed because of this kids bad weapon practices?

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Microsoft knows that if they start tampering with that they will get into all kind of shit antitrust wise. Proton is a pretty small project from their perspective, so it’s really not worth the risk and/or public backlash.

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I've been trying to get chivalry 2 working on my steamdeck. I've done the following things:

But it keeps on kicking me out of games after 1 or 2 minutes saying that the easy anti cheat connection didn't work. I'm out of things to try, so I'm hoping any of you know something I can try (:

I hope this is the right community to ask such things.

Thank you in advance.

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I really doubt that is marketing. I just think that’s an over-enthusiastic user.

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Hey! Look at that, all the words that where used in this comment where words!

beep boop I am a bot, and this action was done automatically. If you want to contact the devs, no.

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