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Bro. You don't ask this to random people. You need to build rapport. I have plenty of times vibed with people and then told them i got the hots for them and then we did the deed. It ain't too hard. Just be clear and upfront and make some vibe checks.

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He is a capitalist billionaire which means he has more allegiance with $$$

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Starfield for most innovative gameplsy? Am I missing something or do people on Steam ride that Bethesda cock hard?

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Exactly this. Play the game you want, but that shit shouldn't be platformed.

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I'm going to take your question as genuine and answer in equal.

It's a bit more complicated than that. Most leftists will agree with you, the USSR and other Eastern Europe countries that were communist did a lot of damage and most likely more harm. They committed atrocities. They were authoritarian. It was disgusting.

The leftists who still prop those countries up on their shoulders are what many call tankies. Today they sing praise about Russia, China, and North Korea, but your observation is correct, they won't ever move there. These are individuals who repeat propaganda and are, ultimately, just red fascists. When you actually dig into their ideals they parallel and sometimes mirror Nazis.

I believe leftism cannot have an authoritarian element to it. I think most social hierarchies need to be destroyed. I think the only way to have a socialist society is through democratic means. Democracy in the workplace and national level. I think most of us can agree workers need higher wages and there is a wealth gap that needs to be dismantled. I think most of us believe healthcare needs to be universal, food and shelter and water, education, information (internet), speech, and much more should be free and readily available. There is this element of freedom that needs to be achieved that isn't found the countries that are "communist".

I don't want to explicitly say those communist countries wasn't "real communism", but fascists, authoritarianism, always appropriate from progressive movement. There is no freedom, especially of workers, under a dictatorship. If workers are starving, dying, being outright black bagged and killed, i don't think that can be considered communist.

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Where are all those people wailing about Hamas being monsters for killing babies? This should make them even angrier and louder.

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People forget Israel is the one with the power and creating this issue. If Israel actually backs off and treats Palestine as at least human, then I think (and hope) most people will see that Hamas needs to be destroyed as they are a terrorist group.

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I don't trust capitalists and I don't trust Netflix. It is a safer bet they will cancel than continue this show after 3 seasons.

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That's not true. We have on record oil and gas companies having studied and internal communication they know climate change is coming. Yacht, private jets, and cruises cause a majority of carbon emmissions. Billionaires are the ones who have yachts and jets and a billionaire owns cruise companies. Musk is the most prominent, but other car manufacturers have lobbied against the building of public transportation.

We know there is a disproportionate amount of pollution coming from companies. I think we all do need to play a part, but if you want actual meaningful and quick change it needs to come from these companies. You know, these companies that were ruled as "people". These companies like Amazon who have more money and power than small countries. It's on these "people" to lead us into clean emissions but they aren't.

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Reposts aren't just because of karma whoring. It can be a crosspost or someone saw it and just thought it was funny and wanted to share it to a community they liked.

You may also be one of the first 10,000 today too.

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I think he is just saying people shouldn't doom post. I think there is a fine line because a lot of zoomers i interact with are hopeless and have given up. This is a generation who never experienced a functional (American) government who worked for the people. So they just don't care and you can see it reflected in their memes.

I don't know the rhetorical path we should take. We need to get people motivated and fired up but not apathetic and despairing. I mostly want to see politicians crumble and the rich eaten and i think that's messaging many will get behind.

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This is how twitter and Youtube picked up pace. News organizations stsrted slowly creeping towards it and they have a lot of incentive to do so with how twitter is becoming a cesspool of Nazis and CSAM.

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