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And then he was killed, probably.

No way anyone got away with selling fake anything to the empress.

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Lunacid is fundamentally too different from King's Field. It's only real similarity is being a first person game. Lunacid is much faster than KF, and the combat is too easy to spam attacks with. You can directly level your character's stats, leading to a very broken experience very quickly. The setting is far too surrealist to compare even remotely to KF, and the characters with anime styling clash with the rest of the game's more realistic art style. I don't hate anime, it just doesn't really fit in.

It is more similar to Shadow Tower, but even then it is still disappointing. It doesn't go all in on trying to capture KF or ST, and by trying to only capture tiny elements of each it creates this feeling that makes me wish it was more similar to one or the other. Like the developer couldn't make up their mind.

Plus, I have a personal dislike of the developer after a few interactions with them on Discord. They were incredibly condescending, and that obviously put a bad taste in my mouth for anything made by them. However, this was after I had already played the game.

Also the game responsible for like, 99% of all video games made in Japan, ironically.

Someday, maybe we will even see Kuon 2... Someday...

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This kinda feels like Sony forced this to happen. I have no supporting evidence, it just feels like it to me.

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Initially I got excited thinking they were bringing back King's Field, or even Shadow Tower, but this is about Armored Core. Which is still cool, I just miss those other titles. Lunacid is only okay as a Shadow Tower-like game, but playing it makes me feel a bit disappointed and wanting to just go play Shadow Tower instead.

Unless you have cats that unravel it often.

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How? How could they be surprised at this?

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This should be illegal. IGN buys up practically everyone except Kotaku so they technically don't own a monopoly over the gaming media sector?

EDIT: Hang on, wait a minute. Humble is a games publisher. IGN is a games reviewer. Isn't that conflict of interest?

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There’s good reason for developers to be aware of this growing shift. Josh Zimmerman, a professor and community engagement consultant from the University of Arizona, explained to Game Developer via email that accurate, well-functioning, fan-hosted Wikis reinforce player loyalty in games through what he described as “fannish performance.”

Nah, developers don't need to pay attention to this. Make the game and let the fans be fans.

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Square is really hurting for money right now, so I would not be surprised to see more console exclusives being put on Steam and Xbox.

This is good news, but also kinda bad because Square having less money means they are less likely to invest in IPs that aren't guaranteed big sellers.

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At least when you try to correct ChatGPT, it will try to be polite.

Not a Lemmy or Reddit user.

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