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Yeah, but what if I want:

  • pre-2010 graphics
  • a free rootkit
  • a single ugly stagnant map with no skins
  • a single and unchangeable and uninspired drone of an announcer
  • a game whose bug-ridden, laggy client leaks memory and processes
  • a game whose client prevents you from spectating pro games, past and present
  • a pro scene rampant with match fixing and ads injected into the horrendous casting

If not League of Legends, where else am I gonna get all of that from?

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What do you mean Albuquerque has fewer people than NYC? One time I was at this cafe in Albuquerque and it was packed!

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If they go from the resolution they used to native 4k, they waste a lot of battery life. If they go the other way, you have low res. I think they happened to pick within a golden DPI range. Not too high or low.

On KDE Wayland, I really don't really see any blurriness issues. I'm not even on KDE 6 yet.

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From what I understand, they're divesting resources that aren't in Firefox or at least involved in a trustworthy/open source AI project.

I see a lot of people in this theead are upset at this, but I'm tentatively excited. If they can pull off a good AI engine, especially built into the browser, that would be nice. If it had offline capabilities, that would be amazing.

Even if they can pull off a good AI solution that's not built into Firefox but it's offline, I'd be really excited. I'm not crazy about having especially detailed and intimate information being thrown to some vendor out there, not knowing where it's going. Modern AI can do some amazing things, but a lot of them reserve the right to have a human read whatever you put in them and warn you about that. This is too limiting to me for my preferred use-cases.

One concern I have is that Firefox and its engine are one of the last non-chromium browser platforms that have a household name and are FOSS. So to me, that has to be the first goal to keep healthy. Maybe the AI thing will help in this respect

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And this incident has been reported. As have all your activities, searches, sites, and keystrokes

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When will these bugs be fixed? I prefer to face to the right and would also like to be able to sleep on my stomach

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Having tested Android 14 a while, there have been some nice battery life improvements. I'd consider that worthwhile.

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Bluetooth still has its place in several instances. From what I can tell, this wifi protocol depends on you having a WiFi network mediate the connection, such as at your house or at a Cafe. Bluetooth is true ad hoc requiring no middleman.

Bluetooth struggles with bandwidth enough that it affects sound quality and latency, but that doesn't mean it's unusable. It also has enough range that I beats some other competing wireless protocols as well.

I'd love to see WiFi or a higher bandwidth option come out, and I'm hoping this is the beginning of that. They may have to resolve issues with channel conflicts and the need for network mediation. It would be awesome for gaming.

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If biology for humans were such that both participants had an unpredictable, uncontrollable, 50/50 chance to carry the baby, abortion access for all and would be a non-issue.

Alternatively, if Jerry Falwell never existed, it still wouldn't be nearly as contentious an issue.

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It's hilarious that Microsoft will be testifying on the antitrust behaviors of another company.

I agree Google can be taken down a few notches, but it defeats the purpose of Microsoft can't also take some spotlight over the Windows 10, 11, and Edge shenanigans.

Their whole ecosystem is built on antitrust behaviors.

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I'm sure he was out of breath looking for his fix. This intervention needed to happen

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Funny how a company that is known for extortion is parading itself as something that looks out for cheating in reviews.


I don't know if this is true, but I've heard Visa and other card compabies can sometimes be expensive and difficult to small businesses. Is there something else one could use that's not cash that would be better?

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