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A friend of mine has 2 Windows Laptops, where in the process of moving from an old 2TB storage laptop to a newer 256GB storage laptop, moving files manually (somehow, dont ask me).

They noticed they accidentally removed a 35GB folder full of media files from a very big vacation, including nature photography and some strange GoPro format files. Valuable stuff.

So we took the newer laptop as its fresh, very small storage and not much done after deleting the files.

We used a 2TB backup drive which works well.

Used CloneZilla, exited to shell, mounted the drive with udisksctl and used testdisk and photorec, but with strange results.

  1. Testdisk created a "whole" recovery in .dd format
  2. Then noticed the "undelete" function in testdisk and manually undeleted all files we found
  3. Then used photorec on that .dd recovery

The testdisk undelete files are mostly corrupted, images with missing header files etc. Same as the result of some magic sauce proprietary recovery program.

The photorec results where really strange, everything was intact but only system stuff, cache, icons etc, not a single of the deleted media.

The media are 3000 or more, so this makes no sense, we used the "full" backup from testdisk.

The laptop is off and we have some time, we can also use the older, messier one if needed.


  • any way to repair these corrupted images and media?
  • how to work with this data in photorec? How to export just the deleted files?

I think we should try to use photorec directly with the drive and not the .dd image, which may help.

We used dd and cloned the entire small, new disk to an .iso on the backup drive so we can work with it easier. Does this include all the stuff, also the deleted things?

We will also try scalpel.



We did a lot with the small disk which should basically be in perfect condition to undelete stuff.

  • dd and ddrescue backup into an .iso and .raw image
  • testdisk backup into a .dd image
  • photorec found only usable pictures from the OS, not a single of the wanted ones
  • testdisk and Recuva had the exact same results, all of the wanted files but all broken, missing headers and metadata
  • using scalpel currently

I would be happy about experience on how to restore such header files, information what they are and if you can use files for multiple media or guess them. We know the filetypes that we search for.

Also, are there any modern recovery tools out there, that promise better reliability?


Russian delete (feddit.de)
that damn foot (feddit.de)
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I think if you start with political positions of bigtech companies...

Just buy used

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Podcini is really great! It modernizes the Antennapod codebase (we wouldnt believe but that is pretty outdated!) and makes it more efficient.

Differing from the forked project, this project is purely Kotlin based, relies on the most recent dependencies, and most importantly has migrated the media player to androidx.media3, and added mechanism of AudioOffloadMode which is supposed to be kind to device battery. Efficiencies are also sought on running the app. App build is also upgraded to target Android 14.

After some hiccups at the beginning, it is now in a very good state!

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I am thinking about using my GrapheneOS Pixel6a as a desktop. Not really tbh, but in emergencies and if Collabora Office etc work well, why not?

I would like to experiment.

What I need:

  • USB-A mouse
  • USB-A keyboard
  • USB-A thumbdrive (at least one)
  • HDMI/DP monitor port (I use VGA but with an HDMI adapter)
  • maybe AUX

So nothing fancy, but it should not cost damn 100€ or be cheap chinesium.

I am from the EU, which is really important too, so no Walmart or Target or whatever (the electronic shops we have are horrible).


It seems like a "USB hub" is what I am looking for. Matching manifacturers:

  • Anker
  • ...
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Okay this is an AOSP feature, see first comment

The problem is that Google decided to do stupid stuff without user consent again

  • dark mode can't be turned off on energysaver (which doesnt make any sense non non-OLED displays which are still common)
  • energysaver reduces possible max brightness without any reason, not even changeable like in older Androids (where the bar actually went down)

Fuck Google...

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I use Chromium only for PWAs like the Element Web UI of my server, to avoid Electron.

Now I have a different browser set as default in my system.

Firefox of course integrates perfectly and uses the "system link handler" to open links.

I want to make Chromium use this link handler, to open every clicked link not in the same browser but send it to my system link handler and thus open in my default browser.

I already set #enable-user-link-capturing-pwa Disabled in chrome://flags. The addon "Open in Firefox Browser" seems to be broken.

I dont know how manifest v3 interferes with that ability of addons to hook into the link handling of the browser.

Btw Chromium has not a single "portal" setting in the flags, but uses the filepicker portal by default.

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A little admiration of how easy UI customization is on Firefox, and how shitty Chromium looks.

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00:00 Introduction
01:45 Astra Monitor
02:36 Pano Clipboard Manager
03:14 PaperWM
04:04 MiniView
04:51 Quick Settings Tweaker
05:12 Privacy Settings
05:29 Apps Menu
05:50 Places Status Indicator
06:04 Logo Menu
06:36 Just perfection
07:25 Top Bar Organizer
08:01 SpeedUp Gnome Shell
08:43 Wiggle
09:07 Blur my shell
09:30 Burn My Windows
09:56 Caffeine
10:20 DDTerm

I dont necessarily agree.

  • a different clipboard manager (whatever is equal to KDEs)
  • blur my shell
  • quick settings tweaker probably
  • privacy settings (which is only for pipewire apps I guess, so nearly none)
  • wiggle
  • probably some maximize to workspace
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Rolling release?

I want revolving release, every one is a russian roulette to destroy my system

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Because Apple

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Can you please like write the points in a list and not with these weird // in between? Lemmy uses markdown

- this (that space between line and text is important)
- is 
- a list

* this
* too
* forwhateverreason

``` before and after something : codeblock




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I met a homeless guy once and we talked. He told me about a time when at the train station there was someone laying on the ground, in the winter, nearly dying in front of a Cash Terminal.

People just stepped over him and were annoyed, while that person nearly died. He told me they had surveillance footage though and many of them where sued for denial of assistance.

The same guy had a huge fresh wound in his face. He was at the train station seeing 4 people attacking a single person. He went to them to see what was going on, had a weird feeling and turned around, someone smashed him in the head.

That was 4:00 in the morning, in the Winter at about 4°C. He woke up at 10:00, nobody helped him, and he nearly died.

He went to the hospital on his own to get stitches. A paramedic gave him his reflecting orange jacket, so that nobody would ever overlook him again...

Also told me how people would shit and piss directly next to where he had to sleep.

Nobody deserves to be homeless. This is so fucking sick.

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"Bugfixes and performance improvements"

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Plasma is not a system, but I see how they didnt want to confuse people here

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The hymen is not normally ripping at the "first time", but these myths come from brutal men that have no compassion and dont know how to make both people horny.

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There will always be someone requesting the weirdest Windows features.

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Being able to install OpenWRT on a router without needing to explain "why Netflix is not working"

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That "I" am pretty much just the construct of electrons flying around my brain.

That you need to lay down K.O. for many hours every day, otherwise you get insane.

That we are always only 2min or so away from death, if we stopped breathing.

That everything I eat actually gets digested into mousse and bacteria are in my body, digest it and I get the elements into my blood.

That our world is so big, but you could also walk to China ~~Japan~~ from the EU, if you had enough time. But also its crazy how huge our common trade routes are.

That a weird minicomputer in my pocket can store 128GB of information, access a wireless network from across the whole planet, and can remember so much more than my brain

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Dudes remove that spyware from your Networks omg

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