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The solar winds interact with interstellar winds and create a threshold between the two


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I don't know much about fires but in pretty sure that's way too close for the size it is.

Makes for an amazing video though! Burn baby burn!

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So some years ago, the probe went into some area between our solar system and interstellar space. Getting info back about that is quite useful in learning more about that area.

I'm not sure if its through it yet, but if it is, then we're getting data back about what's after that as well. Does that data change over time? What if there's yet another transition area and we learn about it?

Having something actually there helps us know if all these theories are right, and the more data we get, the more sure we can be

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Those times you see an oddly specific and very weird rule and you just know there's probably a great story around it.

I can't imagine a scenario where they'd be on FSD or AP pressing the accelerator AND looking at their phone.

It's one thing to press it because it's hesitant or something but that would usually mean you've presses it because it's not doing what you want which means you were watching.

Him admitting he was on his phone (if truthful) would mean he was pressing the accelerator thus overriding the input AND not paying attention.

It's a stretch to far.

If he lied about the phone to try and blame AP/FSD then that could make sense.

But think of the cats!!!!

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All cars since mid 2019 have the computer required for FSD.

At this point that includes the majority of all Teslas ever sold. Somewhere between 750k and 800k of 6 million don't have the hardware. And of those 100-200k are upgradeable, maybe more but the research time isn't worth it.

That being said, it still could have been AP and not FSD as the media gets it confused all the time.

Assuming something was on, I'm not even convinced it was FSD and it could have easily been AP.

The media and police get that wrong more often than right, and the article isn't even specifically naming either one.

Instant millions of installs

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I mean, if you can do it in 2 hours I think it's pretty fair to want you to do something else, but if it's whole day thing and you finish an hour early you're probably not going to be effective in that last hour anyway.

That's not the best time to start something completely new

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Can you have it replace the video screen portion with cat videos from another source during the unskippable part?

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They probably can, but it's a further escalation in sanctions and would set a precedent that investments in another country aren't safe.

By holding them, it also gives an incentive to end the war. Stop the war and get 300 billion back!

Edit: someone else referred to it as the carrot (held money) and the stick (donated weapons). Carrot and stick is better than stick and stick. Better up to a point anyway...


So both Rivian and Tesla have or say they are going to have range extenders for their trucks, but in both cases even if they are removable and rentable they are huge as trucks are huge. In teslas case it seems to be a permanent change though.

What about commuter cars though?

One thing we really need is cheaper in city commuters and those don't need a long range. That brings costs down and gets more people into EVs, but those will get relegated to 2nd cars in many cases.

If those commuter cars could go to a shop and get an extender added in the trunk though that would make them much more capable of longer trips as well while keeping costs down.

If the battery rental is similar or less to renting a car for the same period then people would opt to use their own car for the longer trip and all the personal comforts that provides.

The batteries would be much smaller as well for a smaller vehicle.

VW to adopt NACS (www.theverge.com)

Really cool look inside the factory!

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