[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 4 points 10 hours ago

Light treason.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 85 points 15 hours ago

And yet they back him.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 97 points 4 days ago

What? Better working conditions and pay make employees happy? That just seems.... so radical.

But have they considered the tried-and-true methods? Daily happiness meetings, of course! And don't forget the "anonymous" surveys everyone knows are totally trustworthy. We can even measure happiness with fancy KPIs and build a whole dashboard to discuss at even more meetings! Consultants? Absolutely! Let's throw a whole workshop extravaganza at this "happiness" problem!

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 10 points 4 days ago

Sub7 existed before 2000 if I'm not mistaken.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 84 points 3 weeks ago

We should stop rewarding sociopathic behaviour.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 70 points 1 month ago

This is not how you raise an issue on Github.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 60 points 2 months ago

It's actually quite small.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 278 points 3 months ago

And the world is a slightly better place, momentarily.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 89 points 6 months ago

Good. The "gig-economy" is a framework in which working poor hustle for peanuts for the benefit of the richest. Fuck everything about it.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 85 points 6 months ago

I shall look forward to witness a ketamine-fueled Musk disabling all Teslas in Europe out of spite while tweeting "Fuck you Europe, this wouldn't have happened under Hitler".

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 69 points 7 months ago

That sounds like something someone who has never tried to use reddit's own search would say.

[-] MummifiedClient5000@feddit.dk 206 points 8 months ago

Apartheid-baby in support of nazis? Say it ain't so.

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