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Unfortunately, it’s probably just because it’s a “major version” feature. All reporting sounds like they are using one of two different models, either their own or possibly googles, but they want that to be a big part of the push for the new phone, I’m sure, just like they did with the iPhone 4s and Siri. I’m hoping it just incorporates more local device features, like better shortcuts and better Siri. I don’t need it to draw photos, I don’t need for it to look up shit on the Internet… But if it could summarize the page I’m currently reading, that might be nice

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Which is odd- I threaten mine, and that’s why it behaves.

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Shades of Maddox. Love it!

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Years ago. LOL. Today’s my XKCD 10000 for this particular post, though.

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And I’m honestly astonished I’d never come across this before. This ranks up there with the story of Mel.

"Programming Sucks" (www.stilldrinking.org)

Don’t know how I’ve never come across this, but this made me laugh and cry and nod appreciatively.

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I think the capitalization should be on the word “RISK in that phrase. There are lots of delaying tactics. Let’s presume they’re going to have to pay. So why not spend the money (and then charge interest until they pay) and fix it now, rather than waiting weeks/months++? It’s in their best interests to delay as long as possible.

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Those are not the same. In one, the right-of-way is cleared and they are fined… but while that plays out, it’s usable.

I’m the other. They’re paying a price to keep people out. If you’re wealthy enough, then it’s just a thing. Like paying the yard guy.

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The two-women-and-a-cat meme

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This is how our local food bank does it. When you give money to them, you’re not actually buying groceries. You’re paying for trucks, gasoline and drivers who go to the various grocery’s’ warehouses, who take what is nearing “throw out” and make it available for people.

This is why I laugh whenever a local grocery store has a “hunger food drive“ - there, you are literally just buying groceries for other people. Whereas our food bank prides itself on being able to feed people for $.20 a meal - it’s a huge force multiplier.

Give to your local area food bank.

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That’s weird that this is a new story - this made the rounds a year ago. But thanks for sharing! https://www.timesofisrael.com/miracle-plant-thought-to-be-extinct-claimed-to-have-been-rediscovered-in-turkey/

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