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Have you checked out the buying guide on the sidebar yet?

Xiaomi phones tend to have more active custom rim communities since they have historically been fairly liberal with bootloader unlocks. Make sure it covers your provider's frequency bands if you buy the global version and you live in the US, for example, otherwise you may have reception issues.

Still, the Zenfone 10 is probably your safest bet if a 3.5mm jack is mandatory for you.

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Do you think we will see alternative wallet apps pop up from Cashapp or PayPal or even directly from bank apps? Also, would they be able to support the other non-payment functions of electronic wallets with transportation/event tickets and such?

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I don't understand how he even have time to be so terminally online when he's running like 5 different companies.

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Instead of pretending to be his own infant son (which is really, really weird) , it would be much funnier if he made an alt account pretending to be a bad impersonation of himself, if he has a sense of humour, that is.

That way, he can say things without having it link back to him and stay under the radar, after all, who in the right mind would ever expect an unverified "Elon Musk" Twitter account to be ran by the actual Elon Musk?

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Fellow lemmings, for me, it's "Barbie", a movie that aged beautifully over the last uh, 8 months, and its message is as relevant today as it was when it was released July 21st of 2023.

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They should switch the name to Wayland.com as a compromise.

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Having private accounts isn't that unusual for public figures, sometimes people just want to soapbox and vent in public a little but not attract too much attention to themselves.

Roleplaying your own infant son on one of your private account, however, is super, super weird.

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Organic advertisements that look similar to user posts on reddit? How could they do such a thing?

Anyway, fellow lemmings, for no apparent reason, Today I Learned that Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated movie, "Barbie", is now available on Blu-ray and select streaming services.

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The Fairphone 4, as nominated by @be_gt@lemmy.world!

As promised, you will be receiving 1 Lemmy Silver, and of course, bragging rights.

But, we also have an honorary Golden Lemmy award, which goes to...

Every Android device that is not the Samsung Galaxy S22+, as nominated by @OpenStars@discuss.online!

You get 1 Lemmy Silver (and bragging rights) too!

That's it for this year's Golden Lemmy, folks!

(Nomination thread is here for future references.)

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To celebrate a particular movie's nominations for the Golden Globes next Sunday, Jan 7, we are hosting our very own Golden Lemmy award for Best Android Device on !android@lemmy.world.

Rules are simple, tell us about your favorite Android phone from 2023 in the top level comment, and the device with the most up votes wins the esteemed and coveted Golden Lemmy Award, along with 1 Lemmy Silver.

Our regular discussion will resume in 2 weeks.


Previously on Lemmy: Tablets

Let's talk about deGoogling Android this week, since it's a common topic of interest around here to talk about GrapheneOS and CalyxOS.

I feel like Google services has been lacking for the better part of a decade to the degree that I am reluctant to rely on most Google services nowadays. However, I don't think I have the effort to actively remove all traces of Google from my phone, as the cost of bootloader unlock and rooting is a bit too much for me.

So, I would like to hear what your deGoogling experiences, since I'm unlikely to do it myself.

Past Discussions


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While they were happy with what the fairphone 4 brought to the table, they seem to like what was changed for the fairphone 5.
What are you guys' opinions on this? A welcome change? would you get one if your phone died within the next year?

We talked about this a while back. Curious if people's thoughts have changed since then on the Fairphone 5.


Previously on Lemmy: Asus

Android tablets are devices that I don't know a lot about. I've seen plenty of them around, but I haven't seen many people actually use them, but I've seen plenty of iPads and sometimes Surfaces out in the wild. Many large Android manufacturers have tried, like Samsung and Huawei, but reception to them seems lurkwarm at best.

Tablets, to me, are more of media consumption devices than productivity devices. So, I guess the questions of the week would be, what is your experiences with Android tablets, and what are some features you are looking for in an Android tablet to make it worth buying?

Past Discussions:

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What this shows us is that more people are joining lemmy, but even more people are either leaving or going into lurker mode, as Lemmy only counts people who have commented or posted in that time period as active users, whereas most social media counts any activity while logged in as active. You have to realize that people who use reddit as Google search results don't usually interact with the content there and most won't even make an account.

On the upside, with fewer people, it's easy to get noticed here just by contributing good content since you don't really get drowned out here because of the democratic upvote based sorting instead of black box personalized recommendation algorithms. So with relatively low amount of effort, you can make sure your content is being seen instead of relying on analytics and metrics.

The last thing to in mind that Lemmy is only one aspect of ActivityPub, and Mastodon's growth is currently the highest right now because of the ecosystem created by the whale fall of Twitter, which indirectly grows Lemmy as Mastodon users can post directly to federated Lemmy communities.


Previously on Lemmy: Productivity

I've actually been pretty busy IRL recently, and my schedule on this has really been slipping, so, probably no more big writeups until things slow down. I'll probably move the discussion to a biweekly schedule, but no promises.

Not that much experience with Asus phone on my part, I know they use to use Intel processors until they suddenly stopped.

The new Zenfone 10 looks nice, and the ROG Phones are a bit overkill, but still very interesting spec wise.

Past discussions:

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You mean women are people who knows how to navigate to a website, sign up for accounts, and express our own points of view on different topics? How could this be possible?

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It's made by Ben Zhao? You mean the "anti AI plagerism" UChicago professor who illegally stole GPLv3 code from an open source program called DiffusionBee for his proprietary Glaze software (reddit link), and when pressed, only released the code for the "front end" while still being in violation of GPL?

The Glaze tool that promised to be invisible to the naked eyes, but contained obvious AI generated artifacts? The same Glaze that reddit defeated in like a day after release?

Don't take anything this grifter says seriously, I'm surprised he hasn't been suspended for academic integrity violation yet.


Previously on Lemmy: Emulators

Past Discussions:

For the last couple of weeks, it was all fun and games. This week, we are going for a more generalized topic on how you use your Android devices for work.

I'm boring in regards to work apps, so I very much favor using Microsoft apps over Google apps for work, as overall I feel Google apps work better on iPhones than on Android (to my great frustration). Office and Teams work exactly how I expect them to, while their desktop version are a bit bloated, on Android they work super well, and there really is no replacement that's as good as Microsoft Lens for scanning printed documents into PDFs.

But, I understand my use for Android for productivity is fairly limited, so, I'm interested to see if we can put our head together and find some interesting ways to use your Android devices to help us all be more productive.


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The future of selfhosted services is going to be... Android?

Wait, what?

Think about it. At some point everyone has had an old phone lying around. They are designed to be constantly connected, constantly on... and even have a battery and potentially still a SIM card to survive power outages.

We just need to make it easy to create APK packaged servers that can avoid battery-optimization kills and automatically configure an outbound tunnel like ngrok, zerotrust, etc...

The goal: hosting services like #nextcloud, #syncthing, #mastodon!? should be as easy as installing an APK and leaving an old phone connected to a spare charger / outlet.

It would be tempting to have an optimized ROM, but if self-hosting is meant to become more commonplace, installing an APK should be all that's needed. #Android can do SSH, VPN and other tunnels without the need for root, so there should be no problem in using tunnels to publicly expose a phone/server in a secure manner.

In regards to the suitability of home-grade broadband, I believe that it should not be a huge problem at least in Europe where home connections are most often unmetered: "At the end of June 2021, 70.2% of EU homes were passed by either FTTP or cable DOCSIS
3.1 networks, i.e. those technologies currently capable of supporting gigabit speeds."

Source: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/broadband-coverage-europe-2021

PS. syncthing actually already has an APK and is easy to use. Although I had to sort out some battery optimization stuff, it's a good example of what should become much more commonplace.

cc: @selfhosted
#selfhosted #selfhosting

Saw this post on !selfhosted@lemmy.world, want to get some thoughts on it, because the idea seems a bit crazy to me.


According to Xiaomi's CEO, it is a heavily modified Android and Vela (Xiaomi's IoT OS based on the open source embedded OS Nuttx) to replace MIUI in all Xiaomi mobile, auto, and intelligent home products.


I didn't even realize Qualcomm removed the built in FM radio from their chips. Huh.


Previously on Lemmy:

Past Discussions:

Now that our buying guide (or a first draft of it) is done, let's get back to our usual discussions. This week's topic is emulators, by request of u/AlmightySnoo. As emulators could not be loaded on iPhones without jumping through many hoops, Android remains the preferred OS for emulation on smartphones.

(Reminder, rule 2 is in effect, so please don't give out links to ROM sites.)

Now, as we all know, the mobile gaming landscape in 2023 is not great exactly. Most of the games in twr Play Store are designed for frustration instead of fun, littered with microtransactions, timegating, and of course, ads. Even the good games have terrible monitization practices, and there are a lot more bad games than good.

But emulated games are a way to get away from that, and let us remember a time when games on the go are simply games that are fun and nothing else, the nights when you are sitting in the backseat of your parents car with only the glow of your GameBoy and the passing streetlight as you play Pokemon. Nostalgia from a time when we didn't have grownup things to worry about.

But of course, many emulators didn't only aim to "emulate" the original console, but to enhance them into the modern age: Save states, rewind, enhanced graphics, texture replacements, easy cheats, touchscreen and gamepads. Things we could only dream of as kids are now reality.

So, please share your experiences with emulation on Android and give out some cool tips and tricks here.

(A special shoutout to RetroArch for having the (dis)honor of staying as one of the most frustrating software that I have ever used.)


I should really do something about the schedule slip. Last week has been pretty exciting.

Can't promise that it won't happen again, but I'll try to keep on schedule.

Previously on Lemmy:

Past Discussions:

Now we get to the fun part, the 700 USD+ range of phones. Go wild with your recommendations, showcase the excellence in the top end Android ecosystem and your favorite features that people don't know about.

This guide is only made possible by your voluntary contribution. I believe that this guide is wonderful for a reason: we made it together, not for money, not for ad clicks, but because you wanted to help other people, and it is that selfless contribution that make this place great.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for contributing to making Lemmy a better place. So, now if people in your life ever ask you about what phones to buy, well, send them here, and maybe they'll like this place and stay around to chat a bit.

Who knows.

Let's hope for the best.

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Pour one out for the OG.

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