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This morning my colleague was sent to a school she didn't know, so she used GMaps to get the directions. She parked her car, but wasn't able to find the school. She called me and we found out that GMaps sent her almost 1km away from her destination. I gave her the correct address and she was able to find the place, but she was late for work (no big deal anyway). After further inspection, I found out that the school was mapped as an insurance office. I suspect it's a case of vandalism, but who knows.

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I live in a small European town (~17000 persons) and if I walk 13 minutes I get to the other side of the town.

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I'm from Italy and the first time we had a family vacation in the US we were honked a lot because we would stop at red lights. Only after 3 days we discovered that there's the "turn-on-red" rule and we were confused: if it's red, why can you turn?

In Italy (but I guess in all Europe works like this) we have a different approach on these situations: if the driver is at a traffic light and can make a turn, but it could be unsafe, the light turns into a blinking yellow light, so that the driver know that it must check well before going on.

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That sound dangerous when doing something other than reading. Even walking could be a problem without having peripheral view.

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So what does it means "Legally blind" if he can drive and read? What's the threshold to be considered legally blind?

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NASA found a stray, space-grown tomato that went missing for 8 months, clearing the astronaut they all thought ate it

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Per chi non lo sapessi, Shohei Ohtani è uno dei giocatori ritenuti al momento più forti e più promettenti della MLB. È un giocatore che nel gergo viene denominato two.way player: gioca benissimo sia come lanciatore che come battitore. Il suo contratto con i Los Angeles Angels (squadra che l'ha portato dal Giappone negli Stati Uniti) è terminato da pochi mesi e ora si sta cercando di capire chi se lo accaparrerà (il contratto previsto dovrebbe superare i 500 000 000 $,che se anche fossero spalmati su 10 anni, difficile, considerato che ha già 29 anni, sarebbero comunque 50 milioni a stagione). Si sa pochissimo perché tutte le contrattazioni sono strettamente riservate (per volere di Ohtani stesso) e quindi più che speculazioni non ce ne sono (si sa solo chi si è ritirato dalla corsa).

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I wait until it costs 20 € or less. No need to hurry, if it's a game is good now, it will be good in 2 years.

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I've recently changed phone and the model I had before this had a toggle to activate Silent mode at a fixed time. The new phone has only an option to activate the "Do not disturb" mode, but I'd like to have one for the silent mode

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Here in Northern Italy near Bergamo, we have something called "Gratacornia", an half human-half goat creature, which was used to scare kids. The Gratacornia waits for the kid on top of the stairs in darkness and scratches his hooves with his long horns (Gratacornia is formed merging "Grata"=to scratch and "Cornia"=horns).

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That's Europe. We have cafes at every corner.

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So basically this XKCD comics happened in real life https://xkcd.com/978/

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Privacy: trackers, trackers, trackers Security: you can't know where you would be taken with a short link. A legit website? A malicious website? Who knows.


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"Everything looks easy after you've learnt how to do it" this is what I always say to the kids I help doing their homeworks.

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