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The whole repair thing should made super easy if we want EVs to succeed.

  1. Make all batteries use an easily swappable set of standard cell sizes.
  2. Make battery controllers standardised and swappable.
  3. …. Er… that’s it.
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Punk is (was) almost nothing BUT politics.

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My 14 yo would be stoked. He’s right into networking tech. Doesn’t really care about Nintendo.

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Melania always seemed to have a look on her face like someone just farted. I now know why.

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On a slight tangent, how come in the Mad Max movies (not the first one) the ‘societies’ he encounters seem to be the products of multi-generational effort, especially Fury Road.

In the first one, there’s a more or less functional world almost as we know it. Then he goes out into the deserts and it’s like 100 years passes.

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Corporate infighting in the macabre world of feeding people shit instead of real food.


I keep seeing communities which seem to consist of nothing but a bot that reposts stuff from Reddit.

What’s the point? Really? I ain’t posting a comment about a funny thing there. No one seems to post about the the second-hand funny thing here.

Can we please just sever ties with that shithole altogether?

advice needed (aussie.zone)

Hi, I’m not a coder etc but I’m not a complete noob with computers.

My FIL has apparently been scammed / hacked by some shithead (according to wife) who has apparently managed to get control whenever he turns his laptop on. I don’t know much more than that right now. The situation is pretty shityy because the poor old man lost EVERYTHING in recent flooding; all possessions, personal documents etc. He was given this laptop to help him get his life back together, personal admin etc.

He’s actually an OG coder and mathematician but is old enough to be vulnerable to the crap that these scum pull on the unsuspecting.

I’m wondering if there’s a way (rubberduck?) to quickly delete teamware etc as soon as the pc boots. Not sure how much admin control he has anymore.

Is there a safe mode (?) way of getting back control / kicking external admins?

Many thanks for any advice.

Interwebs ELI5 (aussie.zone)
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Could someone explain why we can’t just plug the average PC etc into a ‘raw’ internet line (like just entering a house) and have a mini modem on the motherboard do the translation work?

I know there’s a limit to IP addresses, and that it’s maybe easier to have a little box do the work where it enters a building.

… but apart from that?

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You know… in all my time upon this earth, I cannot look back and think of a single instance where I thought: “Gosh, this advertisement which has inserted itself in between me and the desired content has actually made me want to go purchase that product.”

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Mmmm. What fun. Stewing in a disease-ridden floating money-sponge for three years. Marvellous.

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I really hope this works. Also: banning water-intensive farming in dumb places might help.

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0 times. It’s likely a joke by a student specialist.

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The original game as invented by bored semi-drunk Scots was, I’m sure, a good laugh several hundred years ago with wee sticks and a random round thing.

The modern game and all its hideous capitalist/ classist cultural connotations is fucked.

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Surprisingly accurate.

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New Lemmy user here. I have two points of improvement I’d like to note, but am not sure where the actual ‘responsibility’ lies.

  1. It would be great to be able to mass-block communities from lists, rather than tiresomely do them one -at-a-time from ‘All’.

It would also be useful to see the list for subscribing, as I don’t know what’s out there until I see it. Sometimes I can’t think of something to search for until I see it.

Perhaps this lies more with individual apps/ clients rather than the Lemmy ecosystem…?

  1. May I suggest that communities entirely consisting of bots re-posting Reddit links is, uh, unhelpful?


(BTW I’m sorry that I posted this also a reply to an earlier post. I cannot figure out how to delete it.)

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