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Box ethanol, maybe?

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Monotremes don't have stomachs. They got a weird tubey thing.


He's a beagle, if that helps. He gets upset when I play and just yells.


Mama Duck is interested in them, but not enough to leave her nest. She doesn't attack me on sight anymore though lol


They let their new puppy outside without a leash and it just comes over to my property and gets into my things that aren't confined to my fence and scares my ducks. This puppy is a pit and is going to get huge. I'm afraid it'll get to my birds or dogs.

How do I tell the super trashy people that own the dog to tie it tf up? I don't want to make enemies with these people, but they need to get their shit together.

They're the only people on the street who don't have their dog fenced in or on a time-out/leash. The road is incredibly busy so the dog is liable to get hit really quick if it decides to run into the street.


I bit down wrong on a piece of chicken and smashed my bottom and top teeth together. One of my top front teeth chipped. It hurts at first and I have a mild headache. It mostly just feels weird and gritty against my tongue. It isn't a big chip. It looks like a tiny slice was taken off the bottom of the tooth aside from the corner that touches my other front tooth.

Should I find an emergency dentist, or will waiting until Monday to call my dentist be okay?

I have a huge fear of my teeth getting fucked because I watched my biodad's teeth rot in his mouth and fall out, and my stepfather has constant tooth infections that could totally spread to his brain and kill him because of the severity.

I brush my teeth daily and the last time I went to the dentist, my teeth were complimented several times, so I don't have a personal history of tooth problems.


My puppy chewed the cord for my fave blanket and I am very upset.

It was a gift, and the original packaging is long gone. The only info I have for it is the big tag on the blanket and what the remote looks like.

Kinda desperate for a replacement cord.

I have no idea how to even go about searching for this stuff. I googled the model listed on the tag of the blanket, but I couldn't find one that had the right remote for it.


I love not having to pick up her stinky turds twice a day and mop up pee all the time. Next step is to deep clean all of the floors so she isn't tempted to go in the house. I'll be doing that once I am 100% sure the dogs can be trusted in the yard without supervision.


I broke my ankle and leg in October and had to have hardware put in. My ankle has one screw and two tightrope devices.

I'm at the point where I'm back to my normal routine aside from the one day a week I do physical therapy. I'm coming to realize that literally none of the shoes I own are not comfortable anymore. They all make my ankle feel worse and do not expand enough when my foot swells up.

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I've tried explaining Lemmy to people and they do not understand. They are like "just use reddit bro"

I stopped using Reddit when the API protests happened and haven't gone back. I honestly think Lemmy is far superior. I love seeing and interacting with the same people in varying threads. Feels like an actual community.


I really like fanfiction. Reading and writing it. Nobody in my life knows and I plan on keeping it that way.

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Puppy tax

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Has anyone else here never actually bought a TV? I've been given 3 perfectly good TVs that relatives were gonna throw out when they upgraded to smart TVs. I love my dumb, free TVs. They do exactly what I need them to and nothing more. I'm going to be really sad when they kick the bucket.

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My coworkers give me shit for not working late all the time. Like, I work late when I absolutely have to or get permission to make up missed time. I refuse to stay just because lol.


Stew will be made with Muscovy duck drake meat specifically. The meat very lean and will taste a bit gamey.


My parents got me one of them fancy countertop air fryer/oven things and idk what to cook first when I get it set up. According to the box, it does everything a normal oven does as well as air fries. It can hold two whole chickens or 1 frozen pizza. It came with a rack for things like toast and a baking sheet. I also have a bunch of pans and stuff that I was given when I got my house that I've never used.

I don't know much about actually cooking food other than chicken should not be medium rare and that the cereal goes before the milk.

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Broke my ankle recently and had to have surgery to fix it. I''m laid up at my parents' place until after Christmas at least. It's been rough because I have to rely heavily on my family.

Anyway, my bladder goes crazy at night and I was having trouble opening doors on my own because I hop around with the aid of a walker. Well last night my mom wouldn't answer her phone to open doors for me. I had to piss so fucking bad that I risked my safety to open the necessary doors. It was actually really easy and everyone's lives got so much easier because of it. I'm making a lil bag to hang on my walker so I can get my own snacks from the kitchen. I've also learned to use my cane to grab shit that's out of reach. Being a burden on others is a really good motivator to figure out how to do shit that seems impossible physically.

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Whiskers Jelly


Ducks: Antonio, Amy, Sonic, Capri-Sun, Sir, Lady, Mama Duck, Coco, (the late)Chanel, Cayenne, Legs, and Judy. I don't have any good pics of them all together close-up.

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This is almost uplifting. Like, it's terrible the man was suffering so much, but it's admirable that he chose the better of the two options he was giving himself. That probably makes me sound like a terrible person.

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I don't see an issue with gay super soldiers.

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I work in IT and occasionally encounter super sexist people who want a man to fix their computers. I'm not rude to these people while on the phone with them and I make sure to be extra kind. I totally talk shit after hanging up though. Fuck anyone who thinks I can't do my job because I'm a woman.

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I had a disabled cat (heart failure, nearly blind, digestive issues, and severe brain damage) who went absolutely bonkers for strawberries. He was always trying to steal them. He was never successful. One day I caved and gave him a slice of a strawberry. He sniffed it then left. The next time I ate strawberries he went right back to trying to steal them. He was such a little shithead, but was the best cat I've ever had.

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