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It seems more like they used past results when it was convenient for them for their graphic aids and not when it wasn't. Articles like these pop up all the time and are usually attempting to sell services of some sort. There are numerous promotional links in the original Fox piece and the Debt.come survey.

Methodology: Debt.com surveyed 1,000 credit card holders about how high inflation has impacted on their debt. People responded from all 50 states and Washington, DC, and were aged 18 and above. Responses were collected through SurveyMonkey. The survey was conducted on February 27, 2024.

Surveymonkey is usually a site that's used to solicit survey completion for a very small monetary compensation. I'd again wager that people who are filling out paid surveys online are likely a cash-strapped section of the population and contributing to the sample bias. This is all intentional though.

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I'm not saying people aren't struggling right now, but 33% seems wildly high. I'm willing to bet that there may be a bit of a sample bias involved here considering the survey is from Debt.com.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one 😂 I thought the exact same thing

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I agree that having a AAA(A™) publisher probably shouldn't get you classified as indie. It's been increasingly common though to see large publishers back indie studios in recent years. Dave the Diver and Nexon's relationship comes immediately to mind for recent example.

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Ubisoft is publishing. The devs are the same people who made Dead Cells.

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The game is absolutely brutal if you don't build one of like 3 specific spell builds. The bosses in this game are no joke!

I couldn't get past that stupid forest as a kid either, but I did borrow it from a friend and beat it as an adult.

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I've been relearning to play guitar recently and running into crap like this too. Finding any quality tabs is insanely difficult nowadays.

A decade+ ago I could find anything I needed on UltimateGuitar and it was great. Short of ear-training, I haven't found anything that compares now.

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It's still higher at market close than Reddit was on their open last week. I'm not trying to make a point or anything, I just find it amusing.

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Whoever thought you might like Elden Ring because you like Zelda is not a true friend. There's really not much similar with the gameplay loop.

You're right that the gameplay is more about learning and recognizing patterns of enemies and adjusting to them so if that doesn't appeal to you you're probably not going to like it. With that being said though, your first soulslike is always the hardest and if you stick with it they are very rewarding to play once you know what to expect.

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I thought so as well, but apparently ConcernedApe started enlisting help around the 1.3 update. Before then it was all solo work by him.

The referenced dev from the article contributed to the 1.4 and 1.5 updates from the Stardew wiki.

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It's popularity was slowly waning and companies have been slowly pulling back on the marketing at the expo for almost a decade. Over the pandemic period the largest gaming names (Nintendo, Sony, etc) pulled out entirely and created their own marketing events of a similar style that were cheaper and easier to maintain while still accomplishing the same thing. E3 was left as a bunch of disjointed marketing events held around the same time. Geoff Kneighlys events ended up filling in the void it left over this period and E3 just never recovered.

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This is how I do it as well. In general, understanding the overall bias of each news organization is more important to keeping yourself informed. You can combat the echo chamber effect by knowing what the biases of each source is and using differing sourcing to try to get as complete a picture as you can.

I would add to your list to check BBC, Al Jazeera, and NPR if you're US focused.

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