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I'm using tilt controls!

[-] ImplyingImplications@lemmy.ca 5 points 11 hours ago

A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh 😉

[-] ImplyingImplications@lemmy.ca 89 points 1 day ago

Not all bats, a few species of bats, and it's technically menstration but different from "overt menstration" found in humans and primates.

Most mammals have an estrous cycle where the uterine lining is reabsorbed if pregnancy doesn't occur. If the uterine lining is destroyed instead, its menstration. Here's a paper that has an overview of the other mammals that have menstrual cycles and how they work.

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It's a UK law firm filing the class action suit. They're also suing Sony for £5 billion for the same thing. It's just lawyers looking for money.

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Though funny, overly spicy food has killed people. There's a difference between adding spice to your product and just dumping in a bottle of pepper spray. Spice is like caffeine. There really should be a limit to how much can be loaded into a product before it needs a genuine warning label.

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Worst one is probably Apple. They just announced "Apple Intelligence" which is just ChatGTP whose largest shareholder is Microsoft. Figure that one out.

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en passant is an abomination. In this house we play pre-1561 chess.

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Rock throw is a Nazi

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Jim does it get better than this??

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I made one called "crash_bandicoot.exe" that opened the windows calculator in an infinite loop.

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sudo: pop: command not found
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Canada = Canadese (nuts fit in your mouth?)


I've recently started using the Boost for Lemmy app on my phone and it's amazing. I was using Liftoff before but I'm switching over. However, I've noticed an issue. When I browse through communities using Liftoff I see a lot more posts and comments than when I use Boost.

I figured this was an issue with Boost at first, but when I used my computer to edit these screenshots I noticed the same thing happens in my browser!

Opening up https://lemmy.world/c/boostforlemmy I see all the posts that Liftoff shows. Of course I'm not logged in since my account is on Lemmy.ca.

When I log into Lemmy.ca and view the community though: https://lemmy.ca/c/boostforlemmy@lemmy.world I only see the posts that Boost shows! Many posts are now missing!

I figured this is an issue with Lemmy.ca blocking stuff. But wait! The most recent post (titled "Bug: Hiding all read posts also hides...") has the URL https://lemmy.world/post/6954944 which, of course, does not allow me to comment on since I'm not logged in. If I search for that post through Lemmy.ca I find the equivalent post with the URL: https://lemmy.ca/post/7377534 which now allows me to comment on it through my Lemmy.ca account.

Does any one know what's going on here? Clearly Lemmy.ca can "see" all the posts in the BoostForLemmy community on Lemmy.world. Even Liftoff manages to show all of them! So why does my browser and Boost for Lemmy not show everything unless I specifically search it out?

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