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What they should do is wreck our economy by building a bunch of housing over here.

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In your ender!

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depends. normally "former president X", but if they have been impeached then you say "IMPEACHED former president X" unless they lost the popular vote then its "UNPOPULAR IMPEACHED former president X" unless they lost an election like a one termer then its "ONE TERM LOSER UNPOPULAR IMPEACHED former president X". Its important to be accurate.

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so my post is one of those where I thought the /s was not needed. Did you read the last sentence?

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ok. whatever I have had is a way milder form. It can hurt like unusually or surprisingly a lot but certainly not to the level I thought I would pass out. Definately a wtf is going on level though. I would definately check with a medical professional if you have the means to.

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Not necessarily. I made a new years resolution to post to social media every time I completed a workout. Should I break my resolution because some folks don't like it? Its important to me and im going to be so proud once I make my first post.

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as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth because of biology.

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Don't get me wrong. I recognize the invasion was a retaliation, albeit an outsized one. At the end of the day im more of a, why are we involved with this region at all guy than a pro or anti guy.

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I have had it although sometimes its just oddly painful. Think the meme is purposely over dramatic on the effect.

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This sounds a lot like how people would use windows paint for simple things over photoshop. Many folks just want a simplified tool. I was estatic to find out firefox now gives simple pdf editing capabilities instead of me importing it into libre office draw.

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yeah its sorta crazy to talk about retaliation in this context. that was the retaliation. I was super surprised they let trump get away with something similar hoestly.

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I WFH at a standing desk and I walk and play with my dog on lunch.

Are we cut off? (kbin.social)

I can only get my subscriptions and not the all feed. I feel like maybe I am only getting kbin content.


I have not seen an option so replying to a thread seems to be the only way that I can tell.


So when someone submitted a url at least at one point it would show up on the right and you could block it. So if someone posted a newsweek link you could block any link postings from like newsweek.com or maybe reddit.com or google.com. Lately though I have not been able to. It seemed to disapear at some point. I have not seen it as an option in a long time.

Reporting? (kbin.social)

So im pretty happy with users just being able to block and control things themselves but there has been posts from this somali call girls account where I feel like the extra step of reporting is warranted.

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