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Or the cumbox. Or that kid who broke his arms. Or that dog, Colby I think? No wonder AI always wants to exterminate humanity in sci-fi.

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I don't like Israel

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The fact that your SSN is so important and still so insecure is pathetic. Thanks US government.

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I'd love to see an operating fusion reactor in my lifetime. Real sci-fi technology

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They found a way to outsource grocery store employees. great

Bitcoin New All-Time High (www.thestreet.com)
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How is it at even legal to employ him anywhere where he will have contact with women?

If it was illegal for someone to get a job where they could come in contact with 50% of the population you're just setting them up for failure. What about murderers? Should they be prevented from having a job where they interact with anyone because there's a chance they'll kill them?

[-] Gigan@lemmy.world 175 points 4 months ago

Awesome, fuck SUV's

[-] Gigan@lemmy.world 148 points 4 months ago

"You will own nothing and you will be happy" - Some rich fuck

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These companies should be fined just for having the audacity to make people sign ridiculous end user agreements like this.

[-] Gigan@lemmy.world 145 points 6 months ago

What the fuck FDA

[-] Gigan@lemmy.world 145 points 7 months ago

I'm glad a western country had the balls to say it.

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GRRM is worried AI will finish writing his books before him

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