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I think you can provide lyrics yourself, can udio generate lyrics on its own? I listened to some of the staff pick songs, and they were pretty good. I'm not musically inclined, and I have zero skill in coming up with lyrics, but stuff like this and Midjourney let me be creative in ways I don't have natural talent in.

I bet Udio is going to loathed by musicians even harder then artists hate Midjourney.

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I read that Tesla being Tesla reinvented a ton of very standard components that other car manufacturers have been using for decades. So there are a lot of weird issues with Teslas that you wouldn't see in a car from an established car maker. It's Tesla ego which makes them think that they can design component better than a whole industry over decades and decades could.

When the Model S came out, I thought it was the height of cool, but I wouldn't consider buying one of their vehicles now. I think the only reason they even kinda did well was that the rest of the car makers were slow to start making EVs that looked decent and were priced reasonably. Now that the big boys are in the game, Tesla has been dropping the price of some of their models to try and stay competitive. But their cars have always had quality assurance issues, and their support isn't decent at all, since they try to blame customers for things outside of their control.

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Up next, Fox News accuses walnuts of being lazy.

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I noticed this bullshit a few days ago on my Win 11 desktop! I found if you go check the settings of the start bar, you can hide the copilot icon in the lower right, and then there's a check box to enable the lower right hand corner to work as show desktop again. The functionality can be restore to exactly as it was, but what the hell were they thinking.

Enshitification, plain and simple.

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I hope this is contagious.

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I'm a middle aged guy, who, a few years ago, was off handedly told by a dental hygienist while getting my teeth cleaned, that I was tongue tied. I've had a flap of skin under my tongue which holds it down, it isn't severe, but it does restrict my tongues mobility. For instance, I can't really stick my tongue out very far (causes issues for... certain.... activities). And I can't reach the back of my rear molars, something I'm told normal people can do with ease. But it isn't a severe tongue tie by any means. I've also been told that when talking I use different mouth movements then other people for some words, I had no idea what that meant until I started working full time remote and was on camera all the time. I've seen out going video of my self and can spot the weirdness in talking that was referenced.

The dentist has painted this whole story about how my level of tongue tie prevented my palette from widening like it should have as a baby, resulting in a higher palette which pushed up into the sinuses, and also made my face more narrow then it would have been. Obviously, they can't prove any of this, but it's interesting to consider.

My dentist office has added a whole department dedicated to correcting tongue ties, and they push this very heavily. I'm just worried I'd regret having it corrected, but it sure would be nice to have more tongue mobility for the reasons I've described.

Are there any other Lemmings who are in a similar scenario to me? Did you go through with correcting the issue, did you like the end result, did you regret it? What was recovery time like?

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I recently switched my email from gmail to proton mail, because fuck google's.. well... everything. Glad to hear that Proton Mail keeps fighting for privacy!

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Match Group deserves to collapse. Online dating has never been fun, but since Match Group bought up nearly every dating app, they've all become very homogeneous and outrageously more expensive.

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Google Music was my go-to music streaming service, then they turned it into Youtube Red, then they changed it to Youtube Premium. So for me, I pay for a great music service, and I just happen to never see ads on youtube.

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I remember arguing with a co-worker about how this deal was pure crap, and even if Foxconn delivered all the jobs they said they would, it would take 40 years to recoup the cost of the tax breaks. Scott Walker screwed over that area of the state HARD, people had land ceased/forced out, huge costly changes to the infrastructure in that area where the factory was supposed to be.

Surprise surprise, the shitty deal turned out to be a shitty deal.

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Some background on me, I'm big on data privacy, I've stripped out a lot of services which harvest data and sell it. The last scummy bastion is Google Drive and Google Docs. I make use for G-Drive for backup redundancy and accessing things from any where, especially on my phone. Spreadsheet of my favorite horror movies, or a list of Genesis or PS1 games I'm still hunting for, stuff like that.

So my question is, would OneDrive and M365 Personal paid subscriptions work for my use case? Anyone here have experience using those services?

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Yep, and given my experience talking with other US citizens about universal healthcare, they'll argue how it's some how a bad thing. It's just a reoccurring thing, people seem to be programmed to hate stuff that'd help them.

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That doesn't seem like a prudent idea.

"Hmm, a lot of people are incredibly unhappy with decisions we've made in relation to Reddit, we should give them a highly visible visual way to express themselves and see what happens!"

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I still love this song and video!

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