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it's caused by the lector stultus maximus muscle

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you could just design an alogorithm that heavily favors any posts physically close to you. the closer they are, the higher in your feed.

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oof owie mein witz

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More like Hammer Industries

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Snapchat and Google Docs are the only two non-FOSS apps I can't shake off.

It would be cool to have a Snapchat clone based on Briar.

Google docs because I don't trust myself with my own data, I always end up delteting important documents cause I save them to random locations when cleaning house. Having it all in once place, with autosync, search and a nice powerful mobile interface is really convenient.

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the only solution is that we blow up the moon

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i don't understand discord's popularity at all. it's so annoying to use

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they key to success is to gamble with other people's money and make sure you can weasel yourself out of any losses

👨‍🍼 (feddit.nl)
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Seems like this anime has been mostly forgotten, but it's a real gem. Similar to Girl's Last Tour, Haibane Renmei and I would dare to say even Studio Ghibli movies.

Posting this AMW because there's no high quality content about it on YouTube.

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All I want is a dumb devices brand.

So sick of smart devices that don't need to be smart. The more unnecessary things something can do, the more it can break.

I wonder if we'll ever get reliable, long lived products ever again or if planned obsolescence has won forever.

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"AI tiddies up Wikipedia's references..."

𓆵𓂉𓎊 (feddit.nl)
Rogilla (feddit.nl)
submitted 6 months ago by DavidGarcia@feddit.nl to c/anime@lemmy.ml

Absolutely one of the best openings ever

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IMO all depictions of women should be removed and replaced with hot muscly mem


Infinity had a multireddit feature that let you create your own multireddits. I think it was client side, because I can use it without an account? Will this feature ever come back?

I know there are no multicommunities on Lemmy yet, but it would be cool if we could do it client-side.


Any time I try to apply filters from the home screen, it only filters Subscribed. Is there a way to filter on All or Local? I tried switching the tab order, but that didn't work.

Thanks for the port btw.

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