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FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. You don't need to register. Just turn up and join in!


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They're still working on a proper fix. The workaround they just shared on their official forum involves using Developer Tools and adb, so nothing really user friendly yet.


I think one of the big questions is, despite all the remixing, is the point A and the point B still the same as the original?

AK: Pretty much. Yeah, I mean, I think the state of the world and the stakes of the world are still the same. So we decided to make Aang's narrative drive a little clearer. In the first season of the animated series, he's kind of going from place to place looking for adventures. He even says, "First, we've got to go and ride the elephant koi." It's a little looser as befits a cartoon. We needed to make sure that he had that drive from the start. And so, that's a change that we made. We essentially give him this vision of what's going to happen and he says, "I have to get to the Northern Water Tribe to stop this from happening." That gives him much more narrative compulsion going forward, as opposed to, "Let's make a detour and go ride the elephant koi," that type of thing. So that's something, again, that's part of the process of going from a Nickelodeon cartoon to a Netflix serialized drama.

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At the time, LW was among the only ones that could handle the influx of registrations.

So naturally, it became the default one, as people would want to get on the biggest one, similar to a way the biggest Mastodon instance is very prevalent.

People were also afraid their All feed won't be as full if they were not on LW.

Nowadays I think the repartition is a bit better, and most of the top communities have at least an equivalent out of LW.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I do not care. If you are happy, that's the most important, you do you.

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Monthly active users is probably the more relevant metric.

36k which seems stable.

Expect another increase when 0.19 version is release, or next time Reddit messes up

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Thanks for the transparency, sad to hear as always to see a country specific instance to go unmanaged

Edit: I guess a few people will miss !trendingcommunities@feddit.nl from @freamon@endlesstalk.org

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Curious to see how this thread will go, as it seems this opinion is indeed unpopular.

I agree with you 100%

A few points I've noted in the previous threads

  • people confuse defederation and community blocking (in this case, it's the latter)
  • people assume that Lemmy.world is hosted in the US while it's EU based
  • people just feel like they need to announce they are leaving while this is not Reddit, most of the users open an alt and move on with their lives.
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This post is woefully inaccurate. Firstly, all the revanced mod does is change the 3rd party API to a personal developer API. Not one single user has had any problems doing this as this API is offered for users to make and use apps. There's a call limit for everyone's personal API so it can't be abused.

This issue is from something separate... KoalaS made an IfR clone that uses the official Reddit app API. This is easily detectible and a really stupid decision to make, and an even dumber decision to use.

TLDR: this has nothing to do with revanced mods, just a really stupid specific cloned app

Edit: Never use a pre-made modded APK for this. If you do, you will be sharing an API with others and that could put your account at risk. Always patch your own app with your own API.

Seems quite stupid to tryp to spoof the official app, I guess personal revanced app are still here for long

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Nothing. Quality of life of working from home cannot be replicated. Or the office would have to be in my street, which is pretty unrealistic

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Have a look at this post, we had a similar discussion there: https://lemmy.world/post/3074361

Long story short, the platform still needs a bit of work before being able to really move communities. Some examples exist (lemdro.id, piracy, startrek) but those are tech savvy audiences, there would be a lot more friction with more generalist communities

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Sorry for this, feel free to block all of the communities related to the topics. That should allow smaller ones to come to your feed.

Pictures, food, movies communities are rising, there is hope

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Lemmy.world holding such a prevalent place in the Lemmy/Kbin part of the Fediverse makes it a major single point of failure.

They should still be the newcomers instance, but communities and users should migrate to other instances to increase the resilience of the Fediverse.

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