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Sorry for letting you hang, I've been swamped.

I believe he was going to LATAM and he couldn't continue while transiting through russia.

That's what I recall, too. That he was going to Latin America from Hong Kong through Sheremetyevo. But then on the Wikipedia page it said that Russian authorities have claimed that Snowden applied for asylum before departing Hong Kong. But again, probably propaganda.

Why is his collaborating with the russians not a fair circumstance to take in account? If he is being forced to work with them, then shouldn't we disregard what he says as being suspect? Aren't there better spokespersons for the FOSS/digital privacy movement that can be promoted instead?

Disregarding any statements that originates within Russia's sphere of influence should be default. But on account of what Snowden did more than 10 years ago, he's still given a voice in tech media.

He is almost certainly trying to leverage his fame and influence to promote russian security services goals; i.e. try to sow discord in the US.

I agree that Snowden's fame is being leveraged, but I don't think that it's necessarily done on Snowden's initiative. As you said it yourself, Snowden is a tool in the Russian propaganda toolkit.

for example in europe they were involved with green organizations in order to counteract the possibility of a rise in shale gas production in Europe.

Yeah, a Russian woman, who had received 45k EUR from the SVR run Pravfond, was just arrested in Denmark. She had run a legal counseling service for Russians in Denmark and ran for municipal elections for the socialist communists. I wonder how many people Russia has planted to run these low intensity operations around the world.

I would even speculate that he has internalized a lot of their goals (he is a russian citizen after all).

He definitely could have internalized the Russian state's goals. But I don't think that him being a Russian citizen should be an indication. That's probably more of a middle finger from Putin in the direction of the US. Sorta like "Congratulations, that application for citizenship you didn't fill out, has been approved. Go say your lines little puppet"

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Making data beautiful is what this community is about. But compromising readability for a color scheme is just annoying. Present data first, worry about it being extra pretty second.

We're already looking at time being encoded differently than the usual horizontal axis, don't make it harder.

On the other hand, if the purpose of the graph isn't to present individual data points, but to present the monthly trends, then maybe it would have been OK, if the last 3 decades could have started over with a higher luminance set of colors. IDK but I think I would have used colors with more contrast and dropped the warm earthy theme.

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It's your first IT job and you've been there for a few months? While your safety concerns definitely can be relevant my advice is this

You should

  1. Don't rock the boat as a new hire. Figure out what is going on first. Maybe there's a reason to some of the madness you see.
  2. Do NOT contact the owners. Doing so will likely be seen as disloyalty by your boss and possibly the owners as well. Only go through your immediate superior.
  3. Don't bring it up again with your boss. It's not your responsibility.
  4. Leverage the user. Let the user be the one to push for a system switch.

You could

  1. Figure out if you can get the system on a separate VLAN and get it locked down in firewall rules.
  2. Research the system. Why don't your boss want it replaced? Does it run some ancient software? We've got some machinery that is running windows 7 at work. When I got hired, in the days if windows 8, the controller was running windows XP. The setting up of drivers and archaic proprietary software, involved in upgrading, is immense. When we switched to 7 this €60k equipment was down for days, and it was a week before it operated properly.
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Very few places that wouldn't extradite Snowden instantly, even fewer that can't be paid to do it. With Russia, Venezuela, and North Korea remaining his options, then Russia was the obvious choice. At least survival in Russia came with a price, had he stayed then the pay-to-play model for life wasn't available.

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7? to goddamn 5? I'm not in at 7, and out way before 5, and if the boss don't like it, then that's not a me problem. 10 hours each day as in a 50 hour work week? That would be illegal in the EU, where you can't work more than 48hours on average per week over a period of 4 months https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/human-resources/working-hours-holiday-leave/working-hours/indexamp_en.htm


As the title states really. I need to refer to this diverse group of people, who somehow have gotten put in the same box labeled "sexual minorites".

I'm a boring CISHET vanilla white male, so I don't really know. I want to include as many as I can when I refer to "lgbtq+ people". I've been studying various flags, trying to find the one flag I need. But I can't really figure it out.

Is lgbtq+ the preferred term, or what should I use? Is a flag better? I don't want to hurt someone by not including them.

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"Europe is planning", not a company, not a national agency nor an EU agency, but the whole of Europe? How does that work? I mean we're pretty much at war, but Russia and Belarus is in on it? How much are Andorra, Monaco, and The Sovereign Order of St. John contributing? What about Overseas France? Do all 13 territories kick in, or is it only the ones that are part of the EU?

Also isn't a new super computer record set several times each year?

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I don't want to ruin your idea, I think it's kinda neat. But I think that you may be monkey pawing yourself.

A tremendous amount people have suffered so much, that I'd probably not want the experience in its current form. The horrors of the holocaust, unit 731, and a lot of wars springs to mind, from just the last century.

IDK how you could modify the question, but "no violent deaths" could be a starting point.

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I apologize for the links below being vendor specific, but the linked products are the specific products I have used. I have no affiliation with the shop other than they offer to bill my job instead of having me pay upfront and then get the expenses redeemed. (I have tried making this both subscript and super script with respectively ^ and ~, but none works on lemmy)

I seek advice on proceeding with the setup and acquiring an acceptable printing quality.


I have recently "upgraded" a creality cr6 se at work. I installed a spider steel/PEI plate (https://3deksperten.dk/products/spiderflexiplate-double-system-255x245-ex-cr-6-se), a bimetal heatbreak https://3deksperten.dk/products/3dsupreme-titanium-alloy-bi-metal-heatbreak-cr6-se) and a hardened steel nozzle (0.4mm from this kit https://3deksperten.dk/products/creality-3d-3d-printing-up-market-nozzle-kit-8-pcs)


Testing this new setup I used the PLA spool I had been printing with days before without issue. The new and old nozzles are all 0.4mm.

What I discovered was that I couldn't get any adhesion to the built plate, some spray glue (this exact make and model https://3deksperten.dk/products/printafix-100ml) fixed that. Then layer adhesion was an issue. So I upped the temp to the max for this PLA and increased the extrusion rate. First 10 layers or so were somewhat ok, but the rest delaminated instantly.

I then opened a brand new spool of PLA, thinking that the old spool had moisture issues. Cranked the temp to max, 210°C, added 5°C to the bed and applied a strong shot of spray glue. This time the print actually got done, but the parts where Cura's tree support was supposed to be supporting, the layers seem to come apart. The rest of the print was somewhat ok, though not great.

Current considerations

  • Maybe I attempted too much at the same time. I may try swapping the nozzle back and only deal with the plate and heatbreak.
  • The heat break may be install wrong. The nozzle was screwed in all the way, loosened a few turns, then the heat break was screwed in all the way. The nozzled was then tightened. No heating was done. I may try giving the heat break a few turns before installing the old nozzle again.
  • Should I have heated hotend before tightening the nozzle?
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Not being allowed to remove an app has lead about two people to switch from windows in the last 10000years.

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[...] we're all paying for it

How? How am I paying for Apple's shortcomings?

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In Denmark the term is a derogative.


Looking to maybe upgrade my kid's creality cr6-se, so we can move into the more exotic materials.

It appears that I have two options for an all metal hotend, but I can't find any comparisons. Not besides a reddit post from 2020 stating that the Prima Creator is a knock off.

So have anybody tried one or both and care to speak about the experience?

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Never before have I seen an entire maker community go "WTF are you doing you MANIAC! Just frigging buy it instead". I'm impressed :-) Normally I have to solicit such a strong response, this was pure ignorance.

I don't know whether we'll go forward with the 3d-printing part of this project anymore. If we do, I do hear you on the PETG, and it's not out of the running anymore. I may take the project on in a much smaller scale, on my own dime, so I can still try out some exotic materials (ie not pla).

In response to the cost per wand. I've found mailbox red TPU72d from kungfuflex for about 43USD per kg. I made a mock-up of the wand with 2mm walls, and at 220mm length it comes out to about 54g per wand. That's about 2.5USD - if nothing goes wrong and I don't waste a spool by printing unattended.

I think there's still something to be said about being able to form the wand to fit snug on the specific flashlight. Maybe the solution will be purchasing wand attachments and making an adapter for them.


I'm designing a wand attachment for a flashlight. The wand attachment will be about 170-200mm long, slightly cone shaped, and fit securely onto a given flashlight. When attached to the flashlight and the flashlight is turned on, the flashlight will illuminate the wand giving of a red glow.

The purpose of this is to use the wand for directing traffic at night. Don't worry, we're licensed to do so and typically asked by the police to do it.

See the picture for an idea of what I'm trying to explain. Disregard the tape and the fact that it's white PLA. The white PLA is what I had open and the flashlight is not the same as will be used with the final device.

The attachment will be produced in 70-150 copies and handed out to volunteers of my national guard company. The final attachment must therefore be able to take a beating, ie scratches, impacts, temperatures and various rough handling.

I have at my disposal a pool of +10 Cr6-se, one ultimaker s5 and one stratasys uprint se plus.

I'm considering a couple of material choices. TPU or PETG in a couple of the cr6s or PC in ultimaker. The uprint strictly uses some proprietary ABS spools, and all the filament I've got for that is ivory white. A buddy of mine has offered to print a release candidate in flexible tough resin. But I don't think that he has any idea about the scale of the project. So it really narrows down to TPU, PETG or PC. If I'm going to make this rigid I'm going to go for PC, for durability, or TPU for flexibility and durability.

I've found a source for PC in transparent and white and TPU (72d, 95a and 98a) in transparent, red or white.

I like the TPU72d in red, but is it the right material? I can't find anything on the translucency of opaque TPU. In the picture it's just 1 mm of opaque white PLA, but what about 2 or 3 mm of TPU? Should I just drop the illusions of red opaque TPU and print in clear PC and spray a coat of red paint on the inside? Or clear TPU?


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In other news: virtue signaling politicians are considering banning [scary items that their core voters know nothing about] in order to appear tough on crime, while avoiding doing the logical things experts recommend, because that would look bad in the eyes of the voters. Instead the only consequence is extending the stigma related to excons resulting in greater recidivism

Googling 3d printed gun homicide returns a story from Rhode Island in 2020 (where the police can't figure out if the gun was actually printed), an attempted murder in Reykjavík in 2022, and this story from 2022 that claims a total of 44 arrests were made related to 3d printed guns... world wide https://3dprint.com/291684/3d-printed-gun-arrests-tripled-in-less-than-two-years-3dprint-com-investigates/amp/

In contrast there were 48117 firearms related deaths in the US during the same period.

Maybe statistics and proportions should be a core part of math from an early age?

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Study math for long enough and you will likely have cursed Pythagoras's name, or said "praise be to Pythagoras" if you're a bit of a fan of triangles.

What? Why? @Salamendacious@lemmy.world would you care to elaborate? Who curses Pythagoras? Fourier? Sure! Laplace? Fuck that guy AND the goat he rode in on! And don't get me started on Fermat and his silly margin note joke. But Pythagoras?


The video shows brains, but no blood.

10000 brains in individual buckets in a basement. The brains were obtained without consent and now poses an ethical dilemma.

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