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I wonder why people are downvoting your comment. It's literally what happened. See for instance this paper on the history of gender segregation in the Olympics: https://theworld.org/stories/2016-08-17/see-120-years-struggle-gender-equality-olympics.

Quote: "Margaret Murdock from the US won a silver in a tie in the 1976 Riffle Event, one of the events in the shooting categories. The rifle event was split into men's and women's events in 1984."

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An oft overlooked option that leaves no one indifferent.

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Considering it's a reference to Monty Python's Life of Brian, I'm gonna go with yes.

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Could we, like, leave the clickbait headlines to reddit? Thanks. The queer.af admins just decided -- wisely -- not to renew the domain considering who the fee would go to.

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Looks like an encoding problem, not a font problem. Make sure your terminal is configured to use the UTF-8 encoding.

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I am in denial.

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One might surmise that the people doing the electing and the people doing the protesting are not in fact the same people.

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The actor in the picture on that site looks like Richard Harris, not Michael Gambon. -_-

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"Today you. Tomorrow me."

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They’ve always been boring

Strongly disagreed. Pre-Oblivion their games were great. Hoping for a return to engrossing stories taking place in a rich, expansive universe was not entirely unreasonable.

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He's an African actually, look it up.

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Probably it's just that the Google crawlers are not being served Twitter content, since Twitter now requires a logged in account. If so the number of indexed tweets should keep dwindling as they expire from the Google index, I imagine. We'll see.

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