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I think you care food-pleasure just as much as most people. Otherwise why not eat something healthier, faster or cheaper. I like to think that i didn't use to care much about taste before so for lunch i used to eat 1k kkcal in the form of a unflavoured, unsweetened meal replacement shake, took <5 min to prepare+eat+clean.

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Never even heard of carbon monoxide detectors irl. Is it used with integrated garages or something like that?

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I don't care who's serving the ads, I don't want to watch ads period. I will pay for the content where possible though. I dont think youtube taking 45% considering the crazy infrastructure provided is that strange. Maybe 45% is still too much, but i don't think 55% sounds like "shit".

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It really is an almost impossible situation. The far right will win this one regardless what the government does. If they do nothing we will probably see some form of terrorism sooner or later, if they clamp down on it they will prove the activists right in that the government will reduce freedom of speech just because some muslims cant behave.

Maybe theres some way to eke out a win but I cant see it.

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Yeah afaik there are a couple of suitable places for more hydropower but no plans for more due to, like you said, local environmental reasons.

That said, sweden is basically already completely "decarbonized" (if anything can really be decarbonized), we only have a reserve oil powerplant that runs for maybe a couple of days each year (~9 days last year, though last year was especially bad). Sweden also generally has a pretty big net surplus (usually about 10-20% of production) of green power that is sold to the european grid.

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Take up google maps and measure that distance 0.3miles (~0.5km) on a stretch of road that you often walk, and consider how likely you would be to walk all that way and straight back just to cross the road (especially if you're in a hurry). Honestly this is one of the most disgusting things I've read in a long time. That driver really should have lost his drivers license for a very long time the last time he did a hit and run.

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It's not a problem with the platform, any online setting that has diverse enough views are going to require that. To get away from them you need to just put out views that basically everyone agrees with, which can be done by either sticking to echochambers or just having absurdly accepted views.

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You can do good things and bad things at the same time. What I find funny is people complaining about censorship and at the same time support states like Russia and China, their extreme censorship goes hand in hand with the authoritarian rule.

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Jesus christ, having such an avatar would make me delete my account in shame. Especially if it also told people that i was into nfts at the same time.

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I couldnt agree more. The money has to come from somewhere and i'm not watching any ads so it's the obvious solution. I frankly just use sponsorblock so it autoskips the sponsor spots. But the whole thing is just absurd tbh.

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It's such a frustrating argument as well. People have many different reasons not to want to share portions of themselves (their data) with others (the state/ISP/etc). I fail to see how "i have nothing to hide" could fight of all the possible reasons to want privacy, if you have nothing to hide then I assume you have no intimate communication with a partner/similar that you wouldn't mind sharing with the world. I just listed some of the main intrinsic and instrumental reasons to want privacy but I imagine that there are many more.

Intrinsic reasons to want privacy (all of these can also to the future, you may not have a stalker today but what about tomorrow?)

  • Fear of current state prosecution
  • Not wanting non intended people to see your private content
  • Fear of stalkers/personal enemies/scammers
  • Fear of attacks by some group
  • Fear of reduction/removal of services by some company or service provider
  • Fear of stigmatisation based on unpopular opinions

Instrumental reasons to want privacy (the future is also applicable to these, next election cycle maybe your government decides to change the company handling all your health related documents)

  • Not trusting state/service provider to keep your data safe
  • Not trusting state/service provider to not sell or otherwise share your data with other parties
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I dragged my feet for a long time before switching from chrome to firefox a year or two ago for that exact reason. When I actually did switch it was practically seamless, I haven't run in to any website that has been problematic on firefox but not on chrome. The only thing i dislike is that i haven't found a way to have a custom newtab-page but still be able to directly input text to the navbar, so i always have to do ctrl+t -> ctrl-a.

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