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Thanks to @Balinares@pawb.social for finding the source.

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[-] NocturnalMorning@lemmy.world 111 points 2 months ago

It's frustrating bcz everyone I know in real life doesn't know who he is, and kinda doesnt care. But the outpouring of sadness online reflects how I feel right now.

It's really sweet, and I'm glad people are paying their respects. This man basically made my childhood what it was. RIP Akira Toriyama

[-] FiniteBanjo@lemmy.today 3 points 2 months ago

One of the group chats that I shared this gif below with claimed I was gullible for believing it.

[-] chiliedogg@lemmy.world 6 points 2 months ago

He was only 68? He's been one of the biggest names in Manga writing/character design for over 40 years.

[-] lowleveldata@programming.dev 41 points 2 months ago

I like Luffy's long arms

[-] sarcasticsunrise@lemmy.world 35 points 2 months ago

This is beautiful. Toriyama's passing has affected me pretty hard. I never met him, never knew him, but I feel like a part of myself has gone to sleep forever and it's hard to reconcile that I can't express the joy he brought me to the ones that I love the most. This is such a tough loss for so many

[-] FenrirIII@lemmy.world 22 points 2 months ago

Goddamn onions.. 😢

[-] Evil_Shrubbery@lemm.ee 16 points 2 months ago

I mean, yes, this is beautiful. But like ... I would be extremity mad if someone wished that for me without my consent. (It wound prob be my employer tho)

[-] Balinares@pawb.social 15 points 2 months ago
[-] VanHalbgott@lemmus.org 3 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

“Hello there, Akira. Congratulations on your awakening.” -Kotaro Tatsumi, Zombie Land Saga

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