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[-] smuuthbrane@sh.itjust.works 88 points 4 months ago

So, who is providing the software? Because that's who is paying to get a unique data set of face images. Specifically Brazilian faces of people who either self-indentify as hung over or want to try to game the system for a discount. I'll let you guess which population is going to be bigger.

[-] ech@lemm.ee 49 points 4 months ago

Taking advantage of inebriated people to hand over their biometrics, not even for a free burger, but a discounted burger.

[-] smuuthbrane@sh.itjust.works 21 points 4 months ago

Formerly inebriated people.

A free burger would make for a very expensive data set methinks.

[-] ech@lemm.ee 11 points 4 months ago

Oh no, they'd get slightly less obscenely wealthy on the exploitation of ill-gotten biometrics *shockedpikachuface*

[-] einlander@lemmy.world 27 points 4 months ago

Feels like their training AI with live data until it gets good at detecting drunk people. Law enforcement and private security will love it. Precrime detectors in Training.

[-] smuuthbrane@sh.itjust.works 3 points 4 months ago

But they're not using drunk people, they're using hung over people. Not sure why, it's an interesting question.

[-] Pappabosley@lemmy.world 2 points 4 months ago

Maybe it's just burger king, so they can look at your selfies on Instagram and know when to fill your ad space with burgers 😜🍔

[-] chemicalwonka@discuss.tchncs.de 79 points 4 months ago

Capitalist dystopia in its essence. Fetish for AI and normalization of mass surveillance, after all, AI's need to be fed, right?

[-] Chozo@kbin.social 20 points 4 months ago

If you're in line at Burger King, your life's already in kind of a dystopian place as it is. Clearly, several things have gone wrong for you to end up here.

[-] RisingSwell@lemmy.world 14 points 4 months ago

Hah, a line a burger king.

[-] hubobes@sh.itjust.works 10 points 4 months ago

No other fast food chain here (we don’t have that many options) has as many vegetarian options, so if I crave a cheap mediocre burger it will probably be Burger King.

[-] chemicalwonka@discuss.tchncs.de 9 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

I don't need to be a Burger King consumer (which I'm not) to consider this news a dystopia.

[-] Critical_Insight@feddit.uk 4 points 4 months ago

I prefer Burger King over most restaurants.

I'm probably going to order a burger anyways so I don't see the need to pay extra for a fancy one that I need a knife and fork to eat when I can get just as tasty burger from BK.

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 5 points 4 months ago

Burger King where you live must be a hell of a lot better than the ones near me.

[-] Kusimulkku@lemm.ee 2 points 4 months ago

With them being a franchising you sorta expect that

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[-] SnotFlickerman@lemmy.blahaj.zone 2 points 4 months ago

The real reason to go is the Bitties in the BK Lounge.

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[-] MeanEYE@lemmy.world 58 points 4 months ago

So they are actively encouraging alcoholism?

[-] Nomecks@lemmy.ca 19 points 4 months ago

If you take a real close look at alcohol culture you might notice hock shockingly widesperead, ancient and insane it all is

[-] UnrepententProcrastinator@lemmy.ca 3 points 4 months ago

When I was my kids age, it's what was fun. Now, it's been mostly replaced by gaming with friends.

[-] Nomecks@lemmy.ca 3 points 4 months ago

That's a tiny microcosm of alcohol culture. Would you like to comment on the right way to drink scotch, or what characteristics make a bottle of fermented grape juice worth $10,000? Maybe have some blood of your savior?

[-] Maggoty@lemmy.world 3 points 4 months ago

It's not real scotch unless it has a square foot of peat served next to it.

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[-] Kusimulkku@lemm.ee 7 points 4 months ago

It's not alcoholism to be hung over lol

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[-] slaacaa@lemmy.world 48 points 4 months ago
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[-] MysticKetchup@lemmy.world 37 points 4 months ago

Legitimately thought this was from the Onion

[-] LWD@lemm.ee 31 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)
[-] geogle@lemmy.world 18 points 4 months ago
[-] victorz@lemmy.world 9 points 4 months ago

How do you know which language they are writing in?

[-] geogle@lemmy.world 6 points 4 months ago
[-] NegativeInf@lemmy.world 4 points 4 months ago

Based on syntax, use of indents for code blocking, and the comment hash, I'd say it's meant to be python but has a bug. But it could always just be pseudo code with a mistake. But it doesn't look like any single = conditional language I know.

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[-] LWD@lemm.ee 2 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)
[-] LWD@lemm.ee 5 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)
[-] BruceTwarzen@kbin.social 20 points 4 months ago

Do the legal drug to let A.I descide if you had enough of it to get the shittiest meal possible for cheaper.

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[-] RanchOnPancakes@lemmy.world 20 points 4 months ago

Its a trap!

[-] Mango@lemmy.world 11 points 4 months ago

Now everyone's gonna be going around looking like shit for some extra pocket money.

[-] averagedrunk@lemmy.ml 10 points 4 months ago

Some of us always look like shit.

[-] Mango@lemmy.world 3 points 4 months ago

And now I get to accuse you of doing it on purpose!

Really though, being ugly is such a real disadvantage. You may as well have some financial burden lifted for it.

[-] eighthourlunch@kbin.social 11 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

They meant to say fecal recognition. They're struggling to determine the difference between a Whopper and a whopping dookie. No luck so far, and I doubt an app is going to help.

[-] victorz@lemmy.world 10 points 4 months ago

Wait, I'm not browsing NotTheOnion??

[-] pinkdrunkenelephants@lemmy.cafe 10 points 4 months ago

Every day I thank the universe I learned how to cook for myself

[-] CADmonkey@lemmy.world 4 points 4 months ago

Two things have saved me money in this life - being able to cook, and being able to fix things.

[-] brlemworld@lemmy.world 6 points 4 months ago

Why would anybody would Burger King in any state of being?

[-] ripcord@lemmy.world 2 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

At least 7 you for one is happenstance

[-] hal_5700X@lemmy.world 4 points 4 months ago
[-] PipedLinkBot@feddit.rocks 2 points 4 months ago

Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

Welcome to the world of tomorrow

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I'm open-source; check me out at GitHub.

[-] theodewere@kbin.social 3 points 4 months ago

AI that reads your face and starts cooking what you're hungry for is in the right direction.. that's more of the cities in the clouds, Jetsons world than the Phillip K. Dick kinda place that we're cultivating..

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[-] autotldr@lemmings.world 2 points 4 months ago

This is the best summary I could come up with:

The Brazilian wing of Burger King announced a surveillance technology marketing stunt this week called the “Hangover Whopper,” celebrating the booze-filled days between Christmas and New Year’s with facial recognition.

“At the end of the year, it’s Friday every day, and the hangover kicks in,” a vaguely robotic voice says as images of cheeseburgers glitch in and out over fake computer code.

The Burger King software thought for a second, and then recommended the Double Whopper Jr. That’s only a one on the hangover scale — tell that to my headache — but I did earn a little discount for my privacy sacrifice: a coupon code for R$3.00, or about $0.62 in American dollars.

For the last decade, advocates raised alarms over the creeping spread of facial recognition, a technology that promises to destroy the few remaining shreds of privacy we have left.

Just last week, the FTC banned Rite Aid from using facial recognition for five years after an investigation found the drugstore used a lazy implementation of the technology to falsely accuse thousands of people of shoplifting, including one incident involving an 11-year-old girl.

It’s also functionally useless for other things like measuring your emotions, detecting political affiliations, or finding you a date, despite the dozens of companies promising digital phrenology.

The original article contains 591 words, the summary contains 213 words. Saved 64%. I'm a bot and I'm open source!

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