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Hello great community! Glad to be a part of it

Burn, Reddit (self.new_members)
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Lemmy for life

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glad to be somewhere

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not much to say, just posting here to avoid having my account suspected of being a bot as per registration rules. i'm into music, art, gaming, anime, manga, and computers. lemmy seems pretty dope. tbh i created an acct here because it has an old reddit interface available as an option and i fking love it lol.

Hello from Argentina 👋 (lemmyonline.com)
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Glad to be here

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Hello everyone !

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Hi All,

Coming over here as a refugee from r/homelab and a few others. I’m a software engineer mostly working in .net, oracle, Java, powerbuilder (yes, still), but many others as well. Hobbies include collecting entirely too much server hardware, 3d printing, and scuba, to name a few. Looking forward to this new platform.


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Hey, this is my new member post. I have been on reddit for ~10 years and many forums before that. I'm an embedded SW Engineer working in aersopace. I'm most well versed in C++ but use other languages when the task at hand calls for it.

I don't really like to add too much identifiable information online, but I supposed I'm not adding more here than what can be discerned from looking at my reddit profile (same un).

I have massive hobby ADD so I tend to just be into different things such as music (play guitar), small scale self hosting (plex arrs type of thing). Manga/Anime, video games.

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Hi, I'm Ganbat. I don't have much to say, TBH. I'm not anything special by trade, but I do a good amount of Python stuff as a hobby. I initially used this name for strictly adult sites and content, but I started branching out and using this name more generally because of my hobby work in Python. Even if you try to look me up, though, you probably won't find anything like that because I took the name from an ATLA character, lol.

I also have a very small amount of experience with C that I've almost entirely forgotten, so there's that.

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Hey folks, I'm retired and been spending a lot of time on Lemmy, enjoying it quite a bit. I was an electrical engineer professionally.

I was using Reddit for a long time, but much better to get away from that corporate driven environment. That always bothered me a bit with Reddit, but the latest antics over there motivated me to move on.

I've actually signed up with a few Lemmy instances at this point. Since first trying the platform a few weeks ago I've been on a quest to find the closest fastest instance. Performance seems pretty darn good with this one, 10 hops, 32ms ping and really good server response, best so far. I'll give it a whirl.

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I just joined the instance, and this is my intro / required post for joining the instance. There isn't a great deal to know about me. I'm a Python developer / SRE by trade, with interests in 3d printing, CNC, and just about anything nerdy.

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